• I have been looking at the rescue postings and etc on this site and would love to help. I do worry that Beegin might be lonely when I'm gone. I usually am never gone for more than 4 or 5 hours. Mornings at school, then home to walk him at lunch, then afternoons back at college or the lab, then walks in the evening. He gets along ok with Nadja, my cat, but she doesn't play with him like I do or like other dogs would. Sometimes he will take a toy (like a tuggie or his squeaky rabbit) over in front of her and jump around and play posture toward her. It is cute but then he looks so bummed when she gives him the "cats-just-don't-do-that-sort-of-thing" look and walks away.

    Do basenjis do better when they are with another one? I don't want to have him lonely but I don't want to set up a situation for fighting either. Thoughts?

  • There are some basenjis that prefer to live alone but many enjoy having another basenji or canine companion.

    Nicky, my first basenji, lived for 3 years as an only dog. He got lots of attention, walks, activities, etc. But it was also clear that the cats were not really the same as having another dog in the house. So we brought home Rally when Nicky was 3 years old. After the initial reaction of, "You brought home the wrong color!" he has been thoroughly attached to his girl. Even now that my pack has grown to 4 and the two youngsters rampage through his house rough housing, it is with utter joy that he roars, "Knock it off you darn kids, can't you see I'm trying to sleep?" For him, he is truly fulfilled having canine companions.

    Not all basenjis really care whether they have another dog in the house. There are some that prefer to be only dogs. It all depends on the dog.

  • My girl Ruby was a retired show dog when I got her (at 2yrs old) last year. When I got her, she was the only dog in the house and she had separation anxiety (she was always used to having other dogs around)…she would actually start to shake when it was time to put her in the crate in the morning, even though it was loaded with treats & toys. She never was much of a player with toys...so keeping her entertained was always a little tough.

    I added Brando (1 month older than Ruby) early this year and since then Ruby actually runs upstairs to go to her crate in the morning when I go to work. On occasion she still might cry a little when I close her in, but her separation anxiety is all but gone with Brando there with her. Adding a second B was the best thing I ever did for her..and me! Not only does Ruby have a friend, but they play non stop and wear each other out (they both have matching super high-energy) and I know Brando loves her as well as he curls up with her. They have a blast and it is definitely entertaining to watch.

    So in Ruby's case...she definitely needed a second dog in the house.

  • I know that kiro wants a brother….. im constantly looking for a resonably priced red boy. or rescue.


    • family says they wont be able to "dog sit" 2 basenjis one is enough
    • cost of getting another dogs shots, fixed, food, crate, clothes (i love the clothes)
    • well need a bigger bed (full bed for a 6'2 guy and me and 2 B's :o)
    • car space (2 door accord) = 2 small for 2 Basenjis to share the middle arm rest
      -the utter joy of having 2 crazy basenjis to play with
    • i get a rest, i play that im a dog now b/c i feel bad fo her. its very hard to sprint around the house like a maniac jumping over beds, up down stairs and a lot of brusies. 😕
    • look cool with 2 basenjis... biger pack ...more intimadating 😶
    • kiro will not be so sad. and the garden will be squirrel free for sure

  • kirogirl-i too have grappled with the idea of getting another one, and now my cousin has some puppies she is giving away for free!! not for any bad reasons or anything her household just can't handle all of them. shoot me an email at toddsgirl1980@live.com and we can chat about whether or not we should get one! or at least if you're not ready, if a am! 🙂 hope to hear from u. i love getting to know other people with B's!

  • @lvoss:

    After the initial reaction of, "You brought home the wrong color!"

    That's too funny 😃 😃

  • I think a basenji can live alone.. when he gets enough human attention. When he has to be alone in the house for more than 6/7 hours or so a day.. I think he needs a companion dog/b.

    Mirtillo is practically never alone, but in a couple of weeks I won't be home as often as I am now. We found a 'baby'sitter, who has a dog herself. We will bring him in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. I don't like the idea of him being all alone..

  • I think most b's want a companion.
    The way my 2 play together, its a hoot to watch.

  • We felt the same way - that Fiji needed a companion, even though she never spent a ton of extended time alone since we work downstairs from where we live. Having Bongo for only 3 weeks I'm no expert, but I do think it's going to be a good thing. (Provided my DH doesn't toss him in the stewpot one night - he's been a bit more challenging than she was to adapt to urban life :rolleyes: )

    Already, they spend a lot of time playing, chewing on one another, chasing each other in circles, and just recently curling up side by side for naps. I think Fiji is really happy to have a buddy, though she wasn't horribly unhappy as an only "child". She still likes her space sometimes, and she is training Bongo to leave her alone when she wants to take a crate break. But at the dog park this weekend, they checked out other dogs then happily spent half an hour chasing each other from one end of the park to the other.

    Overall, I think it's nice for them to have companions, and as Sharron says, it sure is entertaining for us to watch the two of them together.

  • There's a really sweet B boy in MD looking for a home with another basenji:

  • Catt, I am delighted its working out so well for your family.
    I am trying to get some of the BRAT b's up to the PNW, so fingers crossed, that will happen soon.
    There is a break in time with adding a new b to the home…but once they have bonded...its something to see, when they can't find the other one..
    Course, no one can clean an ear better than another basenji...I swear, I see the tongue coming out the other side!

  • Coleman sounds like a wonderful boy indeed.
    Thanks for posting him to this list.

  • I've had "only" basenjis twice now but I haven't really been in a situation where I could afford a second one (though I'm seriously thinking about it now). To make uup for it I've never crated mine while I'm at work - mine have always had the run of the house and I have a sizable fenced yard with lots of creatures to chase and I take medium length walks. My previous one and the current one seem to do okay alone - never get into much trouble :p.

  • I was advised that I needed to wait until Beegin grew past his teenager months (1.5 yr old) to get another companion. So for right now if I don't crate him while I go away (which I don't, the crate is pretty much for him to snooze in when I am busy in the house and can't give him attention or when he is making an activity like moping the floor entirely too much work for me - he loves to chase the mop) and walk him for our morning and long evening walks, occassional play groups at PetCo and dogpark visits, he should be okay alone? Do you all agree with the teenager thing?

    I have been watching the brat website as well. I think since Beegin is my first purebred dog, (I've only ever had rescues of all kinds before) if I get a second b, I'd get a rescue. I do worry about expense though so I couldn't take an older basenji that required much in the way of medication above and beyond flea/tick and heartworm preventative.

  • I have to give you a tip re the BRAT site.
    Most of us don't have time to post all the dogs we have to rehome.
    WE just don't.
    So, if your interested about a rescue b and want to have one from BRAT, go on line and fill out an ap.
    Most of us work off those ap and the dogs we contact you about never do have the photos shown.
    That is my tip re Brat basenji rescue.

  • thanks for the info on the MD BRAT!!! ill look into it! maybe we can set up a playdate 🙂

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