Some of my favorites :)

my little angel…yeah right

this is normal to her….

sleeping with her daddy 🙂

Love the table!!!!!!!!!!

whip cream on the nose….this is her yum face..

spolied much?


LOVe the last pic of her in the bed with the sheets pulled up and her head on the pillow… our tri does this too (I think they think they are human sometimes LOL). Beautiful dog you have!

aww i love the pictures Phoenix does that too with the bed and when u walk in he opens his eyes looks at u like ….. umm can't u see i'm sleeping get ur own spot lol lol 🙂

The one of her on the table is great! 😃

Lovely pics, I am falling for tris 🆒

Beautiful girl you have! Beegin is jealous about that table though. He'd like a table to get on next to the sofa. 🙂

wow what a doll! she reminds me of ours! why don't u email me at my personal address and we can swap stories!! i'm still learning how to navigate this forum 🙂

beautiful pictures. I like her striped t-shirt.

and a table right between the sofa and the window is just there for a basenji, for sure…


A basenji statue on the end table. What a neat decorating idea!!

thank you everyone…. im such a proud basenji mama...... :o

You should be proud, she is lovely.

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