• I received a free sample of "Whole Meals" with my recent PetSmart.com purchase… its a balanced meal in the form of a chew toy. The pamphlet says its natural & healthy & also satisfies chewing. Has anybody used this product before?
    Ingredients: Rice flour, chicken by product meal, meat broth, wheat flour, glycerin, corn gluten meal, corn flour, vegetable oil, soy protein isolate, propylene glycol.
    There are more ingredients, but chicken by product & wheat flour concerned me.
    Anybody have any experience/knowledge of this product? I was going to try it out, but I'm not so sure.

  • IMO… all junk food... Corn Gluten and Corn Flour are totally fillers for animals.. they have no value in a diet, and Corn and Wheat are the biggest cause of food allergies in Dogs... By products... you don't want to know what "by" products are... or just use your imagination..... And the amount of corn with two different sources is really a lot....

    I would not feed it to my dogs....

  • Yes, toss it out..its not worth the price you paid for it..yes, free junk is still bad junk..

  • Or just to give it to your local shelter… many times we get Purina food at trophies at dog shows... I just take to the local shelter and donate it...

  • Thanks for the advice! I will definately not be giving it to my dogs…. to bad though it SOUNDS like a good idea... a balanced nutritional meal in the form of a "chew treat" that satisfies their natural chewing needs...
    But then again, "fat free" and "sugar free" sound great, too.

  • These are not suitable as a diet for a dog but I give them to my dogs once and a while to keep them entertained.

    A note on by-products….if a person gives their dogs bully sticks, pig ears, rawhide, or cow snouts they are giving their dogs "by-products", ie non-meat but edible parts of an animal. Small amounts of "by-products" will not harm a dog but they are not really appropriate for a "complete diet".

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