Mo puppymiller getting out 4 b's need help

  • Do you know anyone who can help out Jennifer with a basenji auction at in Cabool, MO? This breeder is getting out of b's and it would be wonderful if we can get them out of the puppymill venue. There are 4 b's.
    Jennifer writes:
    Any help will be appreciated... you can contact Jennifer

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Do you know anyone who can help out Jennifer with a basenji auction at in Cabool, MO? This breeder is getting out of b's and it would be wonderful if we can get them out of the puppymill venue. There are 4 b's.

    Jennifer writes:

    Any help will be appreciated… you can contact Jennifer or me at for more info. We want to be very low keyed re this auction and the dogs. These folks don't appreciate anyone who thinks dogs should be treated better.

    I don't know if BRAT can help, so we are asking for basenji savey folks who might help us.

    Sharon, I a willing to meet someone in St Louis and transport the dogs back or through Champaign IL.


  • Jason, bless your heart.
    Please contact Jennifer.
    She is the one who is the main hub with this.
    I think BRAT can step up, but not until a few days after the auction.
    So, really we need someone to get these b's and transport to a foster home.

  • Sharon, The yahoo address that is posted for Jennifer is incorrect. When I tried to add it to my yahoo messenger list it said it did not exist. I sent you my cell phone number so you can call me in a private email.

    Brat Volunteer Basenji transport and screening

  • That is the message I have in my address book. I fwd you post to Jennifer, as I am didn't get it until this am, and am off to work.
    Hopefully, she will get your info an call you.
    I will see if I can get a phone number for you today just in case she has computer issues.

  • I emailed her as well. I got a message that the email is not vaild as well….

  • Ok, I got the correct info.
    Please let me know if that doesn't work.
    She has been having e-mail problems.

  • Is it working now?

  • Jennifer writes…

    Please let people know that I need someone to attend this auction and get them out since I am picking up Bs in OH from a breeder and cannot be in two places at once.

    I don't know if anyone on this list is up for this..but if you are please contact me and I will get you a phone number to Jennifer.
    Also, she says this e-mail address is correct, so I am at a loss to why its bouncing.

  • puppymill auctions…
    Have you looked on the internet lately for Basenjis? I just looked today and I have never seen so many adult breeding Bs for sale. So far, I have seen them for sale in KY, IL, and IA. It must be a bad year for selling B pups.
    Its not a good time for b's in the puppymills.

  • I may be getting these Bs but I will not know until Saturday afternoon and if I do then I will be picking them up on Sunday. There are 4 female Bs, 1 red 5 1/2 month, 1 tri 2 years, 1 red 3 years, 1 red will be 5 in August. The pups age might not be correct and she might be 1 year old. She has part of the same name as the 5 year old and she had pups on 1/1/07 and the DOB for the pup is 1/1/08.

    If anyone is able to foster and has experience with these types of Bs, please e-mail me. I am looking for fosters from MO to OH, near I-44 in MO and I-70 in IL, IN, and in OH to the I-70/I-75 interchange. I would also prefer someone who owns a B because these dogs learn from other dogs. I will probably not receive vaccination records and they will be intact. Even the puppy can have issues if it has not been in a house, on grass, had a collar on or walked on a leash. Right now this is my own rescue unless another rescue group wants to help since the breeder is getting out of the business.

    I apologize but I started having Yahoo problems over the weekend. If you try to e-mail me and are still getting error messages, please post them here so I can forward them to Yahoo. What a time to have e-mail problems!

  • I know its a lot to ask, but if someone can help with these b's, it would be so wonderful.
    A lot of work, and you need to contact Jennifer, but this will be one way to keep these b's from being used to make pet shop dogs…
    Thank you all for whatever you feel you can do.
    It goes take a village..

  • I left a message for Jennifer last night. We will help anyway we can. I can certainly foster. I can't drive to MO though.

  • Oh, that would be wonderful.
    I do know that is one of the greater needs, fostering for these b's.

  • I can always help transport!

  • Thank you. Its my understanding the sales were last weekend and only one group was saved.
    I will check with Jennifer and make sure that is correct.
    The funds where there…but we needed someone to get the dogs from the sale and to foster.
    One day, we will be able to save them all.
    I said a prayer for the ones we couldn't.
    Just breaks my heart.
    maybe next time we will have more notice and more help.
    Hugs to you all who offered.

  • Hi. I'm new to this forum. I don't have a basenji but live in MO and would love to foster/help out.

    Do any of them still need fostering? This is my first post here–came here looking to see if any basenjis in the MO area need fostering.


  • oops! didn't realize how old this topic was

  • HI Amanda,
    I just saw you post to forums. I am an officer in BRAT and we always need foster homes in MO. If you would like to help please join BRAT and complete an application to adopt if you have not already done so. Thanks!
    Liz Newton, IL

  • Hi Liz,

    I filled out an application and got an email about arranging a home visit. Hopefully everything will work out. Thank you,


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