Vet aggression

every since Rocky got examined internally by the vet after being hit by a car he is absolutely aggressive to the vet. We can get him there but he goes absolutely demon voice and growling when we get there. They gave us medicine to give him….. 1 and 1/2 pills didn't work. They gave us 2 and 1/2 pills.... that didn't work. He got the muzzle off as soon as he saw where we were. I am SO frustrated. We asked the vet what the next step was and he said there wasn't one. He couldn't get close enough to give him a shot.

Does this behavior only happen at the vet? Is it specific to the vet office where he was treated after being hit by a car?

A behaviorist may be able to help since it sounds like he will need to be worked with to help him get to a point where he can go to the vet again.

it is not the same vet…. it is any vet. we have moved and it has happened at the 2 vets we have tried.

Any chance that you have a moblie vet in the area that would come to your house? Do you know what they gave him? (the pills)

My friend Jean Skaggs suggest you set up good visits to the vet.
Contact the desk staff and see if they will do the following.
Let you know when the times are usually "slack"…then you drop off some yummy treat, diced chicken, nuked hot dogs, cheese, just yummy treats...
Bring you boy in, the staff gives him treats and then you leave.
Once he is ok in the office, see if the vet tecs will do this in the back treatment rooms.
Right now, you boy sees vet as pain...and its totally, now you must make the vet the disneyland of the basenji world...
That is my advice.

I would probably add that if his growling in the parking lot before you actually even get in the building, if you can park somewhere where you can then walk him to the parking lot and give treats for just getting near the vets office. Then once he is comfortable just being outside the office then do as Sharron posted and work on just getting him comfortable in lobby, etc. It will probably take lots of small steps.

Also, as Pat suggested a mobile vet that can come to you that may also be a way to go.

good advice. thanks. he is actually fine until the back office. i think it is the metal table.. crazy as that might sound

Not crazy at all…... the metal table... and maybe what you can do is have your vet's office let you take him back there... just give treats and leave.. don't even put him on the table... or cover the table with a blanket/towel...

Take a small rubber backed rug, like a bathroom rug, to put on the metal table, then it won't slip and he will have good footing, and the smell of home to comfort him. Combined with all of the above positive reinforcement and lots of 'drop in' vet visits.

Anne in Tampa

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