Aggressive issues

You raised some valid points in regard to breeders mating dogs for there conformation and no regard for demeanour . This is common with show breeders . Greyhound people won't mate aggressive dogs as they can't be raced so no point continuing the line. I have used basenji,s for the past thirty years and all were intact dogs run with another dog of a different breed and none were aggressive to other dogs . I could not take a dog out if it was aggressive as most other hunters use a dog of a large size that would put a basenji in its place if it was aggressive . I repeat in saying it is the owner who must lead from day one as basenji,s will try to be boss if you let them. By accident I leant what to do to train a basenji . My boy walks off lead sits ,stays comes when called , just as any dog can do but again it is up to the family to put the time in . All I know is my method has worked for me . Once a basenji has been allowed to develope a bad habit it is very hard to break so only let them develope goods ones from the start and you are half way there. Never ever let a basenji be boss . Aggression should never be allowed and if the early work is done they will never show any . No need. If the dog starts to get aggressive let it know your feelings through your voice and physical presence and never back down . They read us like a book so you have to write it.

BigV, you will have a different relationship with your dog if you use it for hunting or other work, no question. Most Basenji owners don't do this. My first Basenji was reliable off leash, as I took her with me when I rode my horse. She learned early if she didn't come when called I could take off and lose her, since she couldn't catch the horse. It made an impression on her and she paid attention after that! I agree you have to lay down the ground rules early and be consistent in what you expect. Too many people let things go and then wonder why their dog pays no attention to them (same with kids!) If I issue a command I expect it to be obeyed, and if I don't have a chance of enforcing it if ignored, then I won't give it. (it's a terrible idea to let them think "come" is an optional command!). If I am not in a position to enforce a command I will "suggest" rather than order.

Basenjis certainly do read people well, and if one challenges your authority and you let them back you down they will be quick to take advantage. I find tact goes a long way to avoiding confrontation, but if push comes to shove, you have to be the boss.

@bigv no like I’m actually sure it’s only to intact dogs. I’ve been taking him to the dog park religiously sense he was 4 months every day. And he had no problems. Just a couple months before he turned a year and still now (he’s just turned 1 in October.) he only attacks intact dogs. It has nothing to do with not being socialized he will play with 10 dogs at a time and the second an intact dog comes in he goes after it and growls non stop. I’ve had many dogs one still alive at 16 years old. All have never been neatured and have never had this problem.

@marcorilli He is basically a teenager and behaving badly. Is he your first Basenji?

@senjisilly yes he’s our first basenji. We’ve been seeing some progress. Our neighbors have 2 huskies that’s he’s always hated and he’s finally playing with them. But I still have to ask if every dog is neutered Incase.

About Lincoln. I have been told that after desexing the hormone level ,in both dogs and bitches will spike and this may last for a few weeks before it settles down. As for aggressiveness, Basenjis are always going to be Basenjis esepecially to wards each other.

The problem is you didn't stop it when it first happened. He is trying to be top dog when that should be you. You have let him develope a very bad habit and it is always hard trying to rectify. If it was me I would put a muzzle on him and put him in with some intact dogs this is something he will hate, but he won't be able to hurt them and there is a good chance they will put him in his place. This may take awhile but he has to learn his place. You will just have to be patient and watch him closely the first time you leave the muzzle off as he may try to act up again so have the muzzle with you and show him you have it and will put it on him as you must again be the leader.

@bigv so u think I let him attack whoever he wants? Just false. As soon as I see any sign of aggression I take him away. He knows very well who the boss is. He knows over 30 commands and will never show any aggression to me or any other person. He plays with 9/10 dogs fine with no problems. Other dogs are usually the ones snapping at him because he’s too fast for them. Like I said it’s only intact dogs which are pretty rare. I agree the muzzle might work but I’m not going to walk him with a muzzle on when he only sees an intact dog once in a blue moon and every other dog he’s 100% fine with. It’s just an annoying problem because I don’t know whose intact and whose not so I don’t know if he will like the dog or attack it until I get closer.

I don't want to sound personnel but if you are in control why does he keep showing aggression to other intact dogs. By taking him away from the other dog is not teaching him not to be aggressive . He may see you as boss but he wants to be second in charge and see,s all other intact dogs as a threat to his position. Don't be to proud to use a muzzle , and as I said take out to mix with intact dogs . As he can't hurt them and will soon relize,s this you need to stand up and let him know your displeasure using voice and physical presence and a small water pistol as he will hate being squirted. You should find the water pistol works a treat. I would do this every few days until his stops the aggressive behaviour , then I would try without the muzzle but always keep the water pistol with you and let him see it as he will remember what happens when he acts up. This is a method I have used to help mates control their pig dogs . I am by far an expert and are always prepared to Liston to others thoughts as this is how I learn.

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