• I just got a new basenji pup named Burrito about 3 weeks ago, he is 7mos old. He has started to show some major resource guarding. He will guard food, toys, and me, but mostly it is with me. He is absolutely fine with Daisy (catahoula) and Masi (Weimaraner), but with Sid (basenji) he just won't allow him near me. I've taken away all free toys and bones, they are all fed in their own areas. If he begins to become aggressive at all towards sid for whatever reason I firmly say quit and squirt him with the waterbottle (if its handy) and put him in his kennel for a time out.
    I've also been having him do a 30 min downstay every evening, and all couch privilages have been suspended. He seems to be doing a bit better, but he will just exploid towards Sid, and the last two times sid has wholeheartedly fought back. So, I am hoping that keeping them on this more strict schedule is going to help, but I am up for any ideas you all can give me 🙂

  • Jazzy guards everything from our old Golden retriever mix – me, food, toys, treats,etc. . . even guards the entire kitchen when groceries come home.:eek: It was worse when she was younger, but occasionally she will still pick a fight over something really important, like a piece of popcorn that drops on the ground.
    I think it's just a matter of letting them know that their "things" are safe. And it's kind of a silly battle for her, because Gypsy has never taken anything from Jazzy, and probably never will.

    We used to give Jazzy her treats in her kennel so she knew Gypsy couldn't get to them. And we always give them both an equal treat at the same time, on separate blankets. I will usually put a basket, chair, etc something between them, and Jazzy seems to know that her "spot" is a safe place to eat.
    Of course, she always has to make a side trip to Gypsy's blanket to affirm that the treats are the same, then she will return to her own and eat it.

    She still occasionally tries to keep Gypsy from me, and will growl and get snappy sometimes. It used to be much worse. When she behaves that way I make her stay about an armslength away from me while I pet/hug/love Gypsy, telling Gypsy what a good dog she is, etc. Jazzy gets very antsy, but when I let her come back over to me, she leaves Gypsy alone. It's like she has to learn that I get to decide who I pet or hold.

  • My dear friend Jean Skaggs, who deals with this often says…
    When the dog is guarding you...get up and leave the area.
    Don't squirt the dog, don't say anything, get up and leave.
    Turn your back and ignore.
    These dogs do get it.
    You might makes many trips off the couch, when that is where you are...
    But they will get it.
    I would be happy to send you to her if you have more issues.
    But really, its just that simple...

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