Is Your B Afraid Of Wet Grass?

I know…odd question.
Every morning I take the dogs outside to potty and the grass is still wet from the sprinklers. I have to drag the dogs to the grass to get them to go potty. My boy immediately picks up his hind legs as if he did not want to get them wet. He hops from foot to foot. I wish I had a video camera because it is quite hilarious to watch! Where I live they are still building houses and the construction workers laugh when they see him doing this. I just stand there shaking my head and rolling my eyes.

We have a screened in porch, that leads into the fenced in back yard. Most of the time when it's wet we have to take the dogs out on leashes because they won't leave the porch. This morning I just let them out, Leo went in the yard like a good boy, Nexa ran straight into the garage and made me chase her around the cars. I had to carry her out into the wet grass and only then would she pee. The other day, it stopped raining so we let the dogs out. Nexa wanted to eat the grass, but not get her paws wet, so the reached like a giraffe from the concrete munching on the grass she could reach.

Jack is weird- he hates wet grass, yes, but he really isn't a huge fan of grass in general. There are lots of gravel areas around the comples where we live, and that is where he prefers doing his business. Ahh, the city dog…

Sahara doesn't hate grass she just doesn't want to get her feet wet, which is probably what your B is doing by bringing up its foot. Sahara has done this many times, walk, pick up foot, walk, pick up other foot. I have to put her on a leash and drag her out to pee when it has been raining, sometimes she pees on rocks to avoid the wet grass, and if it needs mowing, forget it!!!!

Bitty will absolutely not put a foot on grass early in the morning when it is wet with dew. She races as fast as she can up and down the driveway, searching for any spot that is not wet. The other morning she found a small pile of cut grass from where the neighbor boy didn get all of it swept off the pavement and very carefully baxcked up to it an peed on that pile.

Sounds like I have 2 easy basenjis :rolleyes: at least as far as going on wet grass. Morning dew is nothing to them. In fact, if it is raining (but not a downpour) they don't mind that either. Now don't get me wrong, they won't hang out and play in the rain, but they will take a 2 mile walk and run off the porch on their own to do their business…they're pretty easy that way. If it is pouring, I have to carry Ruby off the porch so she can run under and potty and then she'll run back up on her own...Brando either goes on his own or is agreeable to being led down by a leash.

Mine is pretty much like yours Vanessa! I have to literally drag her onto the wet grass from the back patio.. she will tip toe around on the edge of the concrete.. trying not to touch the grass! Thats one of the reasons I call her my little princess (she doesnt like getting off the couch to go out and pee either!)

Tayda and Lenny lick and eat the wet grass…..

Cory and Jayden loathe wet grass….especially Jayden. Cory will at least get off the patio long enough to pee. Jayden uses the patio. And he thinks the flower bed next to the patio with its nice dry pine straw is his personal potty! That is where I have to do most of my pooper-scooping.


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