Speaker Wires

Fiji is mostly non-destructive, but she seems to have a thing for speaker wires. Is that a basenji thing, like sunbathing and baroooo?

The only place in the house she's not allowed is our bed. Couch - ok. Her bed - ok. She tests this every day, of course, jumping up on the bed and waiting to see if we'll still say Down again today, or curling up at the end of the bed when we're sleeping in such a tiiiiny little ball that we surely won't see her there. Nope, we always remind her: no basenjis on the bed!

My husband likes TV at night, I like quiet, so once I fall asleep he uses headphones plugged into the TV. While she's making her test runs on the bed, over and over she has - in a flash - chewed through the wires on his headphones. The only other thing she has ever chewed in the house was speaker wires to the stereo.

I know that it would be dangerous if she chewed "real" wires and obviously we have lamps and appliances etc that are plugged in but she has never touched those. Just low voltage wires. Does she know the difference? Should I worry about her chewing other wires? Does your B do this?

These are some kind of crazy pups, aren't they?

EL D pretty much leaves everything alone (wow :)) but he did like to chew on the plug part of the christmas lights. During his daily B500 run he'll get behind the TV but has never bothered the nest of wires back there.

Jack chewed the plug part of the power supply for my laptop, and he is always trying to get behind the speakers to where the wires are. However, I'm kind of crazy about not ever wanting to see speaker cable (My husband is a roadie, so I see a lot of it anyway, I just don't want it visible in my house) so he can't really get to it.

Our Little Lady LOVES anything that has a wire. We have already had to replace 2 computer wires, and several of our lamp wires were chewed! They were not plugged in thank goodness!

Chance looooves cell phones. He has chewed two of Alex's phones

Favorites of both my boys were "eye glasses" when they were younger…. sigh....
Even Kobey who lives with Ann got her Mother-In-Laws glasses!

I feel your pain… Kit has now chewed through the wires for our new surround sound system twice since we bought the darn thing last Sunday.

Nicky has chewed a lot of wires. Coating them with Vicks vapo-rub will help, but you have to repeat every week or so. She's just trying to tell you if she can't be on the bed, neither can a bunch of wires.


Blaze only touches wires when they are in his way. We have to be really careful that our laptop wires don't drape over him or could be seen to be in 'his majesty's' way. So far, we have been very diligent.

Try putting the wires in 'wiring loom' or pvc or even metal conduit. It can all be painted to match the surroundings. Loom is cheap and it might just be different enough to confuse your B into thinking it's not really a wire worth chewing at all. If this doesn't work, PVC is hard to chew but if your B wants to chew it, can eventually get through it. Metal condiut would be for the etreme case. There is also steel reinforced plastic/pvc conduit. It's basically flexible tubing with some metal mesh cast into it.

Wiring loom:

PVC Liquid-Tight:

More plastic conduit options:

Flexible metal conduit:

All of these products can be found at your local Home Depot except the wiring loom. You'll have to get that at a place that sells and installs car stereo. It's very flexible and soft and would be easy to chew through, but as I said, it might just confuse your B. 🙂

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