Pictures of your Basenji Around your Neck

With the very cute picture of Dallas in the Basenji Carry position, I thought it would be fun to start a new thread for pics of basenjis in the Basenji Carry.


How cute!!! They do comfy up there.

So cute! I find it so neat that they do this. Dallas didn't mind being around Mark's neck one bit & actually when he lays on the sofa with us he tries to get onto our necks [like in the photo below]! It's very interesting & hilarious too 🙂


I learn something new everyday! Trixie gets up on our necks all the time. My husband calls her his parrot! Also in the car thats where she rides. On my neck! LOL

awwwwww, kip never does that but he does climb on my to see out the window a lot 😛

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