• hello. i am brand new to this forum. in fact i do not belong to any forums. my wonderful basenjis are rosie who will be three in november and her niece lacey who will be one in december. they are both from Dark Skies Basenjis and are my constant companions and friends.

  • Hi Isabella Barb - Welcome! This is a great forum. This is the 1st forum for me too. It's interesting and there are many smart Basenji people here. Enjoy.

  • Oh that is awesome! Welcome! Yay someone with Dark Skies Basenjis!! I like those dogs! Must see some pics!!!!

  • Welcome to the forum. This is a great place for bragging on your b's and obtaining loads of useful information. Please post pictures of your dogs soon.

  • Welcome! There are so many wonderful basenji people here you'll feel at home quick! I am pretty new here myself, having tried so long to just have the AOL board… but we are pretty well defunct so here I am 🙂

  • Welcome to this forum. I have found a lot of usefule information on this site.

  • Where in Maine are you?
    We summer in Boothbay. I am still looking for a good vet that knows Bs in that area. Any suggestions?

  • Welcome! Another New Englander…I'm from VT...this forum is lots of fun. Enjoy!

  • Hello to U in Maine! This is also my first forum. Since I am new to Basenjis, this has been a great place for me to learn lots of stuff and get some great laughs too.

  • Welcome!! I just found this wonderful forum yesterday, great place!!!

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