Jack the Dalmation

Abbey's buddy Jack the Dalmation died this morning. He was 16 years old and a good dog. She always rushed to see him when he was outside, and he always perked up whenever Abbey was around. He was a quiet well mannered fella but his "dad" says in his younger days he chewed up a queen sized mattress, all the sofa cushions, and the J pipe under the bathroom sink. We'll miss him.

I'm so sorry for her (and your) loss. It sounds like Abbey made his last years more enjoyable. I'm sure he's chewing up mattresses, etc. and acting like a pup on the other side…My thoughts are with his "dad", you and Abbey.

Basenji Mix

So sorry for your loss Lenora. You and Jack are lucky to have 16 years together. Keep happy thoughts and memories of him when you feel sad.

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how badly that can hurt. I have to concentrate on my current furbaby to keep from bawling over the one I lost last november. Good luck to you.

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