WELCOME to The Punky Pup, the world's FIRST all PUNK ROCK dog boutique!

    _Tired of pink froo froo tutus and tiny tiaras for your surly pooch? Do you want his clothing to reflect his TRUE personality without all the soppy stuff? Then you're definitely in the right place!

    At The Punky Pup, we believe punk rock never dies, and we do punk like nobody's business. If your dog has total attitude, you have got to set him apart from the rest of the pack!_


  • That's pretty awesome. I can see LOTS of B's wearing the "Wanted" one.

    Wanted on suspicion of destroying underwear, socks, pantyhose, canvas bags, tupperware, pants, sweaters, etc.

    And I suppose the human equivalent would be: Wanted on suspicion of leaving out all of the above tempting items. Let's be honest, what's a B to do?

  • OMG…. That is soo cute. Great another way to spend too much money on the kids 😃

  • LOL…there's some really cute stuff there!

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