• Hello. We are a family of 4 humans; 2 adults, 2 children….all of whom are serious pet lovers of all kinds. We live on 160 acres with plenty of room for our brood to run. We have 2 cats, a German Shepherd, 2 German Shorthairs, and 4 Basenjis. Our Basenjis are: Annie, our 1st, 3 1/2 years old, Brindle, adopted from a neglected home where she was supposed to be a puppy mill producer until we paid dearly to rescue her from this life....she is now happily a part of a very spoiled Basenji family, she belongs to our 12 year old daughter. Max is our 2nd, a 2 1/2 year old brindle, belongs to our 13 year old son.... Max is a real couch potato who enjoys tv and video games and thinks he's bigger than the German Shepherd. Our third is Minnie, an "unwanted" we found at the pound...she wasn't "perfect" (she had a lazy tail, her white collar only went 3/4 way around her neck and she was the runt) Minnie is now the most beautiful trindle who loves to snuggle in bed, play with our Shepherd, and is actually on the large side for a female...oh, and by the way has a beautifully curly tail...she's mine. Finally, my husband needed one too (they're addicting).... he found Jack. Jack is a black brindle who had a very bad case of mange that took the better part of his first year to clear up....at one point the vet told us he should be put down...we didn't give up and he is now doing beautifully. He's a real character who thinks he rules the roost but is actually our smallest Basenji.The 4 like to run the Basenji 500 when in the house together....ever see the Russian Basenjis in the circus???? Well, that's us in a nutshell.......Glad to meet all of you.

  • Hi …basenjilovers - Your place sounds like fun. Lots of action and love. Your hearts are as big as your acreage. Your pets are very lucky and so are you to save these lovely animals. Welcome and enjoy the forum. There is alot of help and support and it's fun.

  • I also wanted to say welcome, and what a heartwarming intro! I love hearing stories of rescue, and such happy endings! it's so sweet that each member of your family has a B! I'm sure you have lots of stories to tell w/ such a large family, I can't wait to read some! (post some pics of your dogs - even the non-Bs! we'd love to see them!)

  • Wow! Sounds like you have your hands full. How did you end up having the two eight month olds that your are looking to place?

  • Someone had two basenjis they got in March, he's had them outside and when he brought them in this Spring they discovered his son has allergies. He knows of our big Basenji family and called us to see if we would take them and help find them a good home…..so, althought they are adorable, we just don't have the room or time to properly spoil two more family members. So we are keeping them until either he or us finds them a home. They are purebred without papers and have fabulous markings. So, our home just got a little crazier for a while!

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  • What a full house you have. One basenji doing the b500 is something, I can't imagine what 4 at one time is like. Wheewwww. You are a brave woman! Please post pics when you can. Would love to see all your family!! Good luck placing the two 8 month olds. Hopefully BRAT can assist you. If you lived closer to TN I might convince my husband to take one…. (he would need some convincing though.) -- Good luck

  • Hi and welcome! Like you, this is a multiple pet home… 2 rotties, a chow/coyotee? and 2 senji. Life is certainly entertaining!

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