Nina - our Basenji/Shepherd mix

Hi friends-

We recently rescued Nina at 15 mos, only to realize the "make and model" of dog we were getting wasn't accurate. Having best guessed at her lineage we'd like to see some pictures any of you may have posted, of your Basenji/Sheperd mix. I'm having a heck of a time sizing and loading my pictures. That said, I'm hoping for tomorrow. Many thanks-

Well, Welcome to the Forum. We can't wait to see pictures of your B/Shepard mix.

I'd love to get these up on the site. I'm really open to any guidance on getting these pictures to the BF - I'd welcome any thoughts . I seem to be able to see the reduced size picture through Image Shack, but I don't know what I'm suppose to do with it at that point. I deal with attachments in business everyday, but this is new to me.

If you have the images on ImageShack, just copy the IMG tag listed on each photo and then paste into a reply post here. I was a little boggled by this earlier this week and got some good tips. I'll find that info and put it here in a sec.

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2. Upload Them From Your Hard Drive to An External Image Hosting Site:

If you do not already have your own website where you can host your images, you will require a free account at, for example, ImageShack ( or PhotoBucket (, which are free image hosting sites.

Once you are on one of those free image hosting sites, they will explain how to upload images. After your image(s) is uploaded, under or next to each picture you will find boxes URL, TAG, IMG or Direct Link. We need the code in the "IMG" box like this example below or in the "Direct link" to be placed into your post here on

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

My sincere appreciation for the help of the two members to get these pictures of our Basenji/Shepherd up .

She's a cutie & I love the name 😉

Thanks- she came with that name…we were just smart enough to keep it!

Basenji Mix

Nina is really cute! I see shepherd and basenji in her eyes. She looks very wise and smart. Welcome to the B-Forums.

Welcome! Glad you found your way on to here; hope Nina is doing well.


Thank you Jill and Terrry for you kind words. Nina is doing great. Terry, I really appreciate your guidance in getting me to this group.

Hi Duke - many thanks for your welcome-


Hi and welcome!
Your girl looks very regal- what a pretty girl!
I have a basenji/shepherd mix also- they don't look very similar though- here's a pic of Basil:

How cute!!! 😃

Hi Vinia-
Basil is a great looking dog. How old is he, what does he weigh?

new picture of Nina-

CUTE! Look at those eyes!!! 🙂

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