• My little angel, Miss Scarlett O'Hara turned 2 on Februray 15. She got a brand new harness (I found a really good brand, LUPINE, that is completely covered in case anything happens to the harness, even if she eats it like she tends to do with everything!), a small party with my old roommates american dingo who turns 2 next week, and a bunch of new chew toys. Unfortunately my camera bit the dust before I could get the pictures on here and of course they can't replace it:( . She had a great birthday and she loves her new toys!:D

  • Miss Scarlett, Miss Scarlett…Happy Birthday, Miss Scarlett!

    PS Lupine is great! Nala has the purple "jelly roll" harness...and leash to match, of course!

  • Birthday photos please!

  • Happy Birthday Scarlett!

    Sounds like she had a good time with her American Dingo friend. I bet she loves all of her new toys.

    Sorry to hear about your camera, maybe you can take some "after party" pictures of her with her new harness once you get a new one.

    I love the Lupine collars, I just gave up on them for Zahra because Chase kept eating them off her neck and I had to keep replacing them. I do still have one for Chase with the cross bones and dog paw and DH bought him one that reminds me of green ivy.

  • Yay Happy birthday! That stinks about the camera though.

  • Happy birthday Miss Scarlet!

  • Scarlett thanks you all for the birthday wishes. She loves her harness. We are currently using those awful disposable cameras so hopefully i will be able to get some post birthday pictures up soon. She looks so great in her purple harness, but she rarely gets to go out in just the harness lately casue it has been unusually cold for this area the last few weeks, so she gets to wear her football hoodie. This week had been great for her though the local schools are out and that means lots of playmates for her in the apartment complex. Most of the kids come by and play with her if she's out…. she loves it and i know it makes my life easier especially since I was just diagnosed with the flu 😞 .

  • @scarlettsmomma:

    …I was just diagnosed with the flu 😞 .

    Bummer. Feel better. Take care of yourself.

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