Pictures of a VERY RARE brindle Parrot

  • And the perch looks thrilled…. not.

    GREAT shot!

  • lol too cute, Nike was doing that to me once I was like what the heck are you doing? lol I guess the view is better up there

  • @Mia:

    lol I guess the view is better up there

    NOT for the perch…. :eek:


  • @JazzysMom:

    And the perch looks thrilled…. not.

    GREAT shot!

    LOL the funny thing is Tig does it to Dave ALL the time, Dave just doesn't like having the bum that close to his face, I tell him at least it's not a boxer bum they release gas LMAO

  • hahahaha–that's what I was thinking--at least it wasn't Reggie!

  • That is hilarious! Tosca does that to me all the time as well! The worst is when I am at my computer…I have a laptop so I often lay horizontally on the couch and go online..and she will jump up on me, and sit on my chest, completely blocking the computer screen and giving me a nice clear shot of her rear end! They have no body sense, thats for sure!

  • LOL!!! Yeah, it's amazing how proud B's are of their behind… And they're not shy of flaunting it! 😃

  • That first picture is absolutely priceless - who's the boss there huh 🙂

  • Dallas always climbs up onto my shoulder to try to sleep. Like when I am on the sofa he always tries to get up onto my neck/shoulder & if he makes it up there sucessfully he will fall asleep within 5 seconds. Silly dogs!

  • These dogs will get your attention when they want it NO MATTER WHAT!!!! My B, Sahara will get up on my shoulders when I am on the computer, sitting in the recliner and anywhere else she wants to be. The first 2 wks. I had her home she slept on my shoulder all nestled into my neck, I couldn't make her get down, she was so little and sweet. Check out my B's pics on the Show Off Your Dog post unter Senji Fashion, Basenji Boy posted them for me, I was having trouble getting them to upload. Sahara is so proud of her butt, take a look, funny!!!!!

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