2 More pictures of Queen Juliana and Zarah

A while ago I posted a few pics of the then queen Juliana of the Netherlands and her basenji Zarah.
Yesterday I found some more in a photo book about her life. They are from 1972 and 1976.

I see her basenji wasn't any better trained than mine! Pulling on the lead because it wants to smell the post, not wanting to sit and be a good dog in the vehicle…....LOL typical B.

Totally agree Krunzer..glad we aren't alone!

Must we forget, Basenjis are above all, even royalty. At least that's what we know is going through their minds. 🙂

It does give one a good feeling, that not even Royalty can control (or be immune to) a B!

I relate to all that!
But you should know that Juliana was anything but an authoritarian figure. She loathed protocol and regulations, had pacifistic inclinations, and was considered by many to be a true 'mother to the nation'. I'm pretty sure she didn't go to obedience class with Zarah…

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