• I have just fed the cats in the kitchen, and despite having had a lovely cooked meal earlier Maya cant even concentrate when she can hear them eating. We are trying to watch TV, and she keeps leaping off the sofa, running out to the kitchen door, banging on it, running back, then starting over again :rolleyes: After about the 5th time i ran out of patience and told her off. Now, if it had been the pug or lab they'd have either ignored me (pug) or led down quietly and with as little fuss as possible (lab)… Did Maya do either?? Ooh no, of course not :rolleyes:

    Madam came over all pathetic, sat at my feet hitting me with her paws. I ignored her so she crawled onto the sofa next to me. She sat RIGHT next to me, paws on my knee. Fine. She was still. Thats ok. But oh no, that wasnt good enough! She then did the most over-dramatic sigh i've ever heard, sat up, then just did a full on drama queen flop onto my lap (you know the over-acting fainting that always makes you laugh?? JUST like that 😃 ) and then led hitting at me trying to get me to play.

    Now, i ended up picking her up and plonking her the opposite end of the sofa so now she is sat with her ears back, sullen face on and her back to me :rolleyes: Im guessing I am in the wrong because i didnt forgive her immediately and make a huge fuss of her when she was being a drama queen 😕

    I do adore her completely, but sometimes she is SO human it drives me nuts :p

  • LOL…. she is a Tri after all!!!!!!

  • She is PEOPLE i tell you, PEOPLE!!! 😃

  • LOL!!!

    That is funny!

    My husband and I always laugh when Buddy gives us the cold shoulder.

    His highness doesn't like being rebuffed!

  • dont they just have the best personalities 😃

  • So funny and So BASENJI. HAnsel is such a drama king. jonny just looks at him like "get over it"… HAnsel pouts and sighs and is such a 2 yr. old... .human... 🙂 gotta love him.
    and it is so funny to hear others do it too.

  • So much drama, from my tri compared to my brindle. But just love them to death.

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