Sammy is a drama king basenji

  • I took Sammy to the vet this weekend for a few issues. The diarrhea was my biggest concern and fortunately it is clearing right up. However, I also asked about a pain in his snout which I thought was tooth pain. He screams in pain every once in a while if you bump his snout even lightly (I do mean scream too, as only you basenji owners can understand). He also stopped playing tug of war with Kiya. Sometimes he would scream in pain when nothing happened to him at all, he would just be sitting there. The vet did a very thourough check of his snout, neck, teeth even did x-rays. Sam never once screamed or made so much as a peep.

    The vet found nothing. He thinks Sam probably did have an issue causing him pain at one point and it has since healed up. The vet thinks Sammy learned that when he screams he gets lots of attention from DH and I so now he does it for the attention and at the vet's office he didn't do it since the last thing he wants there is more attention. He was basically diagnosed as being an unruly teenager. The more I think about it, the more I believe the vet too. What makes him scream is so random from time to time, and often it's nothing at all. So good-bye to a large chunk of change to learn our dog is manipulating us for sympathy!

  • So the drama! That is too cute - not the $$, of course. My girl is very manipulative too. She only remembers all of her training when she wants something (like table food)! "Awww, look at her sitting for some polite petting!" Otherwise, it's no food, no sitting, no response, no nothin'…she just lays there basking in the sun and ignores us.

  • LOL! Your post made me laugh because I can hear the scream in my head and know exactly what you mean. I remember the first time that I heard Zahra make that scream, she was strapped into her seatbelt in the back seat but had managed to get out of it, I had to slam in my brakes because someone cut in front of me and she was kind of tossed around, she let out this horrible scream like "what the heck are you doing?????!!!!!(Maybe I shouldn't tell this story, it sounds bad). I was so worried that she was hurt but then I was so freaked out that she could get out of the seatbelt.

    Anyway, they are like four legged two year olds, aren't they?!

  • Atleast you found out what the problem was. Sammy's pretty smart! If he only knew what he put your through. It's a good example of "Cry Of The Wolf".

  • Basenjis do like to hog the attention. Abbey played the drama queen bit to the hilt when she had her surgery (spayed plus umbilical hernia fixed). She could get up on the couch but after one try realized it hurt to jump off. So she would walk back and forth and back and forth then look at me with this pitiful expression like Mommy, please get me down! After a couple of weeks of this 10 times a day I finally said, Your stitches are out, girl, get over it!

  • These posts are sooooo funny, my Sahara squeals when we are trying to hold her when she wants down, she will let out this cry like we hurt her. After a few times of this and me yelling, "What have you done to my baby", my hubby said, you have got to be kidding, she is doing that so I will let her go. We knew we had been played, she doesn't do it as much since we got smart to her. She will whine however when we leave , or close a door on her, like when we don't want her in my living room. They are something else, these Basenjis, but you gotta love them.:D 😃

  • One time I heard Arwen SCREAM and whirled around to see what my daughter had done to the poor probably mutilated dog. She spilled water on her head, lol.

    However, WAHHHHHHHHHH, Arwen does have teeth problem. We had her teeth cleaned last summer, took her in to do it again and she had infection and lost a tooth. I feed barf (raw bones) and have NEVER had a dog, even my elderly ones!, need their teeth cleaned. But the vet says the way her teeth are in back, she doesn't and will never chew on them and clean them. So I am going to get a toothbrush and start reading about how to live with no fingers (jk.. I am sure she will leave me a few nubs). Because I had never had a dog with teeth issues, I simply didn't start her out as pup brushing her teeth. Once the vet removes checks her mouth Tues, the fun will begin.

  • Debra, too funny!!! I'm afraid to brush Duke's teeth too. I know I should do it. I've tried a couple times to rub his back teeth with my finger (yuk) and he, by reflex I'm sure, tried to chomp off my finger! He's 8 months, so we just have to get used to it, if I can and should.

    Duke has also screamed while in the company of my 8 yr old. I'd do what most mom's do, run to see what happened. "Why did Duke scream - What did you do?" I've begun to not get so excited when I hear Duke's scream. It happened again this morning. I went calmly to the FR, my son was just petting him. He turned and said he didn't know why he screamed. Maybe my son was giving him too much attention?? . . . I did what I always do and got my son to leave him alone. Maybe that's Duke's newly acquired trick. See - I learn so much here.

  • Maybe that's Duke's newly acquired trick<<

    ROFLMAO, sadly you may be right. Whatever you give attention, that becomes the new trick.

  • LOL…. these are soooo funny...... Recently my husband picked up Bandit off his lap and positioned him back on the chair trying not to wake him..... well Bandit screamed blue murder holding his paw up.... My husband and I jumped with fright, I accused him of being rough...... he can be heavy handed..... my husband swore his innocence...... Alfie the Lowchen came barrelling in licking Bandit thinking Bandit was hurt.... what a circus!!!

    We gently picked Bandit up checking him all over and gently put him on the ground..... then all of a sudden Bandit ran down the hall with Alfie in hot pursuit!!!

    Wwwwelllll!! My husband and I looked at each other in utter amazement and both shouted Bandittttttttt!!!!! Talk about Oscar acting!!!! LOL

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