• We're not sure how old Buck is, we found him in the WalMart parking lot in April of 2006, and the rest is history. We put notes on cars, waited in the parking lot, had a page sent out in the store, put up flyers at Walmart and the surrounding neighborhood, called the pounds and the vets… no response. If only dogs could talk, I am sure Buck would have quite a story to tell.

    Its been so interesting for my husband and me to learn about this dog. When he was 1st around the house we thought he was SO weird, had no idea what in the world a "Basenji" was. I put his picture up on a broad dog forum and had about 20 responses in one minute that he was a basenji... since then we have been doing research online, in books, and learning on our own. He's just another part of our family now, out "practice baby" as we like to call him.

  • What a sweetheart… and so are you to take him into your home... welcome to the forum....

  • Yep, looking at the shredded paper, and asleep in that weird uncomfortable position I would say you DO have a Basenji. What a cutie, how anyone could leave it there, I don't know. Guess it could have escaped from somewhere, since they are good escape artist. Be careful, I wouldn't want him to escape again if indeed that is the case. Great he found his way into a forever home, sounds like you love him already. Yes, it is like having a baby, they require lots of attention, except for one big difference. You CAN'T put a baby in a crate, haha:D 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

  • Haha, we cant even put this one in a crate. Thank yall for the welcome 🙂 Its been fun for me to read around and see just how much alike every dog of this breed is…

  • Aww I love all the little spots on his belly! He is certainly a cutie! Oh & I see he inherited the paper shredding :p typical basenji!

  • Aw, well it sounds like it was meant to be! Welcome…he sure is cute!

  • He looks like sweetie

  • What a cutie! Congratulations for taking him in and giving him shelter.

  • What a cutie! I love the freckled belly.

  • He is sooo cute!!! Thank you for saving him and taking him in.

  • Welcome-he's very cute, but doesn't look that old-but I'm looking at a sleeping B too with a cute freckled belly. Has anyone had a guess to his age?

  • What a beautiful little boy! I just love his spots on his tummy.
    Thats great of you to take him into your home. What a special little one!

  • Welcome…thank you for taking him in...he's super cute, BTW! 😃

  • He looks like a puppy in that photo, I was amazed to read that he was found in 2006! You are a very special and kind person to take him in, it must have been meant to be. I have found that the very best dogs just sort of "happen" to us.

    Anne in Tampa

  • You will have to keep us updated on his making YOU his basenji people.

  • Oh, he's so cute! How wonderful that you took him in.

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