• I have a 13 year old tri basenji boy. As I write this he's passed out infront of the fireplace. The poor boy hates our winters, the fact that it's -42 with the wind is just not cool.
    I've had him since he was 8 weeks old, which means I've had him for over half my life. I showed him for about three years, then he wanted to quit. So he's a few points short of his championship. It was kinda hard to get more than 1 point when there were no other basenjis showing around here. I haven't been to a show since, so I don't know if thats changed.
    Anyways, Blaze lives with my boyfriend and I in a condo, and at least once a month we travel up to my boyfriend's family farm. Blaze gets to run free up there, and can tire their 3 year old border collie out. He loves it. It's the only car ride that he doesn't scream and whine the entire way.
    Lately we have become regulars at the vet. Apparently Blaze's liver degenerated, then his pancreas went on the fritz. So he's on some expensive enzyme powder and anti-acidic poop pills. He's doing pretty good and still acts like a puppy. I hope to have him for many more years.
    And I just wanted to say thanks for having this forum. I really enjoyed lurking, so I'm sure I'll enjoy participating.

  • Welcome to the forum glad you joined, we need pics lol. Blaze sounds like a great pup

  • welcome…you'll laugh at some (everybody is so funny here) of the post and get great advice. I'm from Canada too, but moved to Florida 2 years ago, I doubt my B's would like me to take them back there lol...

  • Welcome. Sounds like Blaze has quite the life. Have you thought about holoistic vets?

  • Welcome to the forum. As someone who's lived in Edmonton for a year, I agree with your Basenji, the winters up there are too long and too cold.:D

    Nice of you to join, post some pics of that Tri Boy when you can.

  • Welcome…I hope you can sort out his health issues. There is lots of great information on this site. Looking forward to seeing pics when you can!
    PS My B isn't pleased with the subzero temps here either!!

  • Welcome-every B is individual-I live near Niagara Falls, Canada-Shadow won't go outside unless he HAS to and Sugar a Damisi are quite eager to run in and out after the birds as many times as I let them.

  • Welcome! 🙂 Blaze sounds wonderful!

  • Welcome to the pack 🙂 This is a great group with lots of funny stories, great tips, and fabulous pictures. Hope Blaze continues to bring you lots of joy for some time to come.

  • Hello, I'm from Edmonton too!

  • Welcome to the forum… We like pics!!!

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