• I know we have our B of the week but this dog really tugged on my heart strings.

    Sally was rescued from a desperate situation. Left outside in the cold without shelter, tiny Sally had to compete for food with two big dogs. In the process Sally suffered deep bite wounds that have now healed almost entirely. Luckily, Sally's owner was willing to surrender her to us and we're hoping to find her a wonderful home that will help her to forget her past experiences. Sally weighs about 12-15lbs and is 1 1/2 to 2 years old at this point. She is a sweet lap dog and loves to watch TV. Sally is crate-trained and house-broken. Her adoption fee is $125. Please contact Tanja at (276) 694-3598 for more information or PM me for an adoption application. (Posted 01/28/08)


  • As the BRAT District Coordinator for VA, I also contacted the rescue to see if we could provide assistance with finding an adoptive home for Sally. This is not to discourage anyone who may be interested in contacting the rescue – by all means, please do -- but BRAT will be there to assist if we can as well.

    J.R. Key
    BRAT District Coordinator (VA, DC, PA)

  • Oh, that poor basenji.
    I so hope she gets a forever home soon.

  • I emailed them as well. She said Sally is in a very loving foster home until she finds the perfect home so luckily she is in a safe warm place.

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