Needs a Good Home near Arlington,Va!

  • B/boxer or B/Dobbie? Looks to be a very well mannered dog.

  • We do not think its either one of those. We think it is a Basenji who had its tail docked or amputated (possibly from an injury). We also feel that since we can see the spine and the ribs are too pronounced he could use a few good meals. Since there is good muscularity, this dog has not always been undernourished, but that's just our opinion

  • My opinion is that this dog is most definately a cross due to the fact that he is too big to be a pb basenji as well as too muscled to be a pb. Though it does not really matter. He is a beautiful boy and I hope whoever gets him provides him with a loving home. He does look like he could stand to gain a few pounds.

  • probable Decker Rat terrier - which used basenjis in their creation.

  • It looks like his dewclaws have been removed. Do Terrier breeders do that?


  • Yes…Terrier breeders remove dew claws... and I would guess Purebred Decker also

  • Looks like a purebred Decker Rat Terrier to me also.

  • First Basenji's

    Interesting site I found on Deckers…..If you go to this link, you will see Mr Decker with two in his arms that to an untrained eye like mine, they would look like Tri-Basenjis. Thanks for the conversation from my thread, I never knew about 'Deckers'

  • Since the Decker has the Basenji cross bred in, does anyone know what particular Basenji line was used for that Breeding? Considering how important controlling breeding, and health testing is to those that care within the Basenji Breed, we wonder if the Basenji cross bred to create this line came from a backyard breeder or elsewhere?

  • It was a long, long time ago…. way before the days of controlling breeding/health testing/screening buyers.... Responsible breeding has only really be around in the last 20/25 years (give or take)
    I believe that the Deckers used a few Basenjis back in the early 70's. Again, way, way before the time of real health testing/screening buyers/contracts with spay/neuter requirments

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