B in Minn needs a home

His name is Cairo and he's with "Rescued Pets are Wonderful" based out of Linwood, MN; here is his Petfinder page


The photos don't show any brindling.
I am thinking this shelter isn't sure that b's come in b/w.
That is the only color I have yet to own.
Sigh…wish I was closer.

Looks like a trindle you can see some brindle on the muzzle and legs.

Definitely looks like a trindle. He's cute!

What a cutie! It's still a pup, isn't it?

I just checked on this pup as I am considering a playpal for EL D – good news -- a young lady adopted him last week! Yea.

Oh that is good news..yay another B out of rescue

I hope the person that adopted this pup knows about Basenjis….

I hope they can find there way to us here…
Thanks for the note re the B in Minn.

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