OH-Findlay-Senior Male B Mix Needs Home

  • I thought I had posted this earlier. I had problems posting a picture previously but thought the text took. Sorry for the delay.

    This senior male black & white B mix needs a home. I estimate him to be 8-10 years old. I believe he weighs 25-30 lbs. He is in a private rescue shelter but has been there since last year. I visited him a few weeks ago and I believe he is getting kennel stress. He marked quite a bit when I walked him but probably because most of the other dogs get walked in the same area. He could be mixed with a border collie or terrier. He was originally in a foster home but he and the other male got into a disagreement.

    I do not know if he is still available. Please contact the rescue for information. You can also contact me at jensrescue@yahoo.com.

    Here is his petfinder page:


    I could help with transport as the rescue is about an hour away from me. It is located just off I-75 between Toledo and Dayton.

    I am unable to post my picture as it is giving me a message stating that my submission could not be processed because a security token was missing. I have a feeling the picture may be too large.


  • Here is a picture that I took of Max. I think I have resized it properly.


  • Does BRAT know about him?

  • Oh, senior dogs of any breed just tug at my heart. Hope he finds his new family soon.

  • Yes, I sent an e-mail to Lori who handles the Basenji mixes and she sent an e-mail to the rescue. I did not see him listed under the Basenji mixes on the BRAT webpage though when I looked last week. Perhaps the rescue did not want to list him there.

    I would like him to at least go to a foster home.


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