B Mixes-Male-URGENT-KY, MO/KS & OH

The following B Mixes are URGENT and were posted on a BRAT Basenji Mix Rescue E-Mail:

KY-Clay City-Approx. 40 Miles SE of Lexington
Santos is listed as a Min Pin/B Mix-has a black body with tan legs & curled tail, really doesn't bark at all, has been available for awhile
Powell County Dog Pound
ph# 606-663-0021 or 606-481-4107 e-mail: powell.rescue@yahoo.com

MO/KS-Kansas City
Demitrius is listed as a Terrier but he looks like a leggy tri B-possibly PB?, has not been heard to bark
Halfway Home Pet Adoptions
ph# 816-921-0201 e-mail: email@petshalfwayhome.com

Santos and Demetrius are young adults under 3 years old and weigh about 25 lbs.

OH-Canton-South of Cleveland & Akron, NE of Columbus, approx. 60 miles from Cleveland, approx 130 miles from Columbus
Kraut is listed as a B Mix-black & white like a B, has curled tail but flop ears and barks, 8 months old
Stark County Dog Warden Department
ph# 330-451-2343 e-mail: starkdoginfo@yahoo.com


I might be able to help with transport for the OH and KY dogs as I am in the Dayton, OH area.


Jennifer, could the 2 dogs from Mo/KS be poorly breed/mis marked b"s?

Demitrius from KS/MO has been adopted but it looks like the other two-from KY and OH are still available!


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