Please help boycott this ad

  • Warning, its awful…

    Write and protest this ad, please.

  • The link didn't work for me

  • It is gross..and weird…and I can't imagine any company using it as an "ad". Yuck.

  • Maybe its your computer…others have received it ok.
    Its awful..
    I am not sorry you didn't see the photo.

  • I think it's because I use a Mac, sounds like I should be lucky that I can't see it

  • the link didnt work for me either.. well the link did, but the ad didnt show up, so i googled it.. and found it on another website..

    It's completely SICK. what is wrong with people? how does a dog have ANYTHING to do with selling shoes? :mad: have you seen the other ads in the campaign?

    this website has the whole ad campaign..


  • OMFG what is wrong with people that is just awful. I can't believe that someone would think that would make great advertising, wether its a fake dog or not the idea behind is disgusting

  • hopefully it IS just a fake dog.. i dont know ANY dog that would lay on their back like that.. [on their own without someone scratching their belly..] let alone with their feet tied.. :mad: 😞

  • I noticed the boycott page was from 4/06. Does anyone know if the company pulled the ad after that?

  • I just saw it today and sent it on…it upset me so, I didn't read much about it..just saw the photo and freaked out!
    Sorry, but all this type of thing upsets me.
    Preaching to the enlightened I know...

  • the actual shoe site is down for maitenance.. but i went to ogilvy's website [the marketing company behind the shoe company.. ] I didn't see the pictures on their site under work they've done.. but they've done work for TONS of huge companies.. IBM, Motorola, Mattel, nestle, Coca-cola, ford, volvo, and american express just to name a few.. The "press" section only goes back to January of 07.. so i'm not sure if they pulled the ads or not. i just dont understand why that picture had anything to do with a SHOE campaign.. obviously its supposed to be a guard dog.. but still.. whats that have to do with shoes?

  • @hdolbow:

    i just dont understand why that picture had anything to do with a SHOE campaign.. obviously its supposed to be a guard dog.. but still.. whats that have to do with shoes?

    Probably the same thing that half-naked women have to do with just about everything else that is advertised 😕

    It was disgusting and I hope the ad was pulled.

    You do have to wonder about the mental state of the person who thought it up – they are walking around out there amongst us :eek: -- and the morons who approved it. :mad:

  • i definately agree.

  • Sadly these type of folks with no compassion or caring are walking among us and doing this type of ad.
    I shudder to think of the humans who see this and are NOT shocked.

  • Unfortunately, that campaign is all about shock value. While I'm not actually shocked (because I'm a graphic designer and work in advertising), I'm surprised that campaign/concept was actually approved by the client.

    Advertising/design folk have strange senses of humour/creativity and many times push the boundaries of good taste. My feeling is that the clients have the responsibility to not sell their product in such a way that is totally offensive…and thus not signoff on a campaign like this. Personally, I would have liked to read the creative brief because I would bet the key to how over the top this could be was possibly driven by the client.

    Probably the reason I'm not shocked is I've seen much worse. I receive publications (Ad Week, Advertising Age among them) that cover all the new campaigns and also tell when things have been pulled and why.

    You will be happy to know that many times the big ad agencies that sell the idea, lose the client (when the client is the one that had the final sign off in the first place) when the client receives all the backlash and has to pull a multi-million dollar campaign. So in that sense, there is justice.

    The other thing I'd add is that I'd be 99.99% sure the dog image was done in Photoshop and not done to an actual dog...pretty sure that is the way it was done.

  • I am all for the arts and being creative, but this is …well, NOT Art.
    You brought something out that I didn't think of...someone "thought" of this and someone else approved it.
    Like you see on TV, lots of folks sitting around a table saying yea, or nay?
    Odd no one had the ba** so say, nope, not going to work for the US market.
    I am glad to know that the folks who pay for the ads do listen to the input from the "great unwashed"...laugh, of which I am one..
    Thanks for this post.

  • Can someone explain it either here or privately. I don't want to see it if it is graphically horrible…can't take it right now. But I am curious....


  • It is a pic of a doberman on its side with all 4 legs tied together (similar to the way deer are bound after hunting)…and reads "they'll find a way to get out".

    Sharon, you are 100% correct. The concept is presented in a room with the ad agency folk (Olgilvy Mather in this case) and at least the marketing people from the client company. So yes, many people need to sign off.

  • Its pretty awful.
    It shows a doberman on its back, feet in the air tied up, and the dogs tongue hanging out.
    Like a dead dog trussed up…
    Its not bloody, but leaves one with the impression the dog is dead and ready to be carted off.
    The ad is for shoes/boots...

  • Sorry, you posted to me before I sent mine.
    I know we have a group of people growing up with video violence.
    Which may or may not be at play here…
    I know I am "old" and "out of it".
    But having had the advantage of being in Seattle and seeing art..
    I just can no way call this anything more than a shocking mess.

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