Could Sandie be something else ???

  • tonight sandie and I went to Petsmart and they was having thier puppy class.. we stopped to watch and i noticed a tri color female in the class… she is 6 months old the owner said...Sandie even tho a mix is so much larger and her ears are at least a inch longer if not longer than the pure basenji and her muzzle isnt as pointy ... i looked at the Ibizan Hound and she doesnt at all fit that description other than the ears... Maybe the tri i seen wasnt a good example for me to have seen..

  • Basenjis do vary some in size and look. From the pic in your avitar (or whatever it is called) she looks like a basenji to me. If you want to send pics privately, I would be happy to have a better look.

    Regardless, she looks enough like a basenji that she must have some in her!

  • If I'm not mistaken, isn't Sandie the dog that launched herself into the mashed potatoes at Grandma's house? That's one of the funniest basenji stories I've seen on this site. How could she NOT be basenji?

  • It wasnt Sandie that dove for the mashed potatoes…even tho she loves them too ... I really think she is basenji ... just seeing the tri and how small she was and her ears not really large to the head size just kinna thru me into what if's...

  • I've definately seen a variation in ear size among purebred basenjis. So don't let the ears throw you off. She defiantely looks part basenji to me.

  • I have a basenji/whippet mix and my girl is 32 lbs, which is larger than even the male basenji's. Depending on what breed it is mixed with the dog could be any size! Hollie is heavier and taller than the pure breeds I have seen. She does have the long whippet legs.

  • lol.. my boy Tucker is the king-kong of B's… tipping the scales at 48lbs. we believe he's mixed with boxer. (and his ears are quite large too!)

  • roxy is mixed with a pit bull i think, thats what they said shes 35 lbs,nd her ears are pretty massive lol

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