• I have finally made the difficult choice to find a new home for my Baroo. He is just too much for me to handle and not a good fit for our family. I want to give someone else the chance to be happy with him.

    Here is a little background info on Baroo:
    He is an in tact, 2-3 year old red and white purebred. I am his 3rd home in 2 years. His first owner couldn't keep him because he traveled a lot, so he was passed on to his brother, who had him in a small duplex with no yard, and he was kept in a kennel all day. When he finally realized this wasn't working out, he was offered to me. I had seen him and thought he was a good looking dog, he was playful and fun, and so I agreed to take him. I hadn't done much research about the breed, and now with a toddler I am just in over my head with him, and don't have the time to devote to him that he needs.
    He has had no proper training, but I know he would really be a different dog if I had the time to do it with him. He is very smart and eager to learn and loves to be praised. He needs some direction and stablility. He needs to be walked at least once a day, which I cannot do.
    I will not mislead you and say that he is the perfect dog, because lets face it, he is still a Basenji! He has his behavior issues, but from what I have read about most B's he is not too bad. He likes to chew up plastic and stuffed animals, that is what most irritates me about him, although he really only does it to get my attention. He gets into the trash, he begs, he steals food, he does not like strangers, and prefers men. He is great with my son, but in general does not care for children (at least younger ones). He is not kennel trained, and does not do well with one. He can be very obnoxious when he wants your attention, and he wants it all the time. He is very stubborn and will go out of his way to get into things he shouldn't. Most of the time he misbehaves when he wants your attention or can't get his way.
    Even in spite of all of those things, I would still say he is a good dog. Most of his problem is he just doesn't get enough attention or training, and he doesn't have a release for all of his energy. On the plus side, he loves to play and go for walks. He likes to play with other dogs, but he doesn't really get along as well with males. He thinks he is a lap dog, and he is very affectionate. He is still a young dog and in most aspects still acts like a puppy and needs to be trained like one. Another good thing is, he is very well house-broken and I have never had an issue with that. He is content to sleep or play outside most of the day.

    What I am looking for:
    Someone to give him a permanent home, that can commit to training him and walking him on a regular basis. He needs to be in a home with no small children, and no cats (unless they dont mind being chased constantly). He needs a yard to run in, and I think he would do best with another dog (a female) that could show him the ropes and teach him how to behave. He needs a good companion that wants to play with him, and give him a lot of attention, and patience!
    He will be a bit of a challange, but he is not a lost cause, and would make someone very happy, given the right training and love.

    If all of this does not scare you and you think you would like to give him a home, please PM me.

  • Have you contact BRAT? They are a good resource to help you find a good forever home for him.

  • Do you know if the original owner got him from a breeder or was he from a rescue? The reason I ask about a breeder is, maybe he can be returned to the breeder. Also, if he is in tact, I'm wondering if the original owner had an agreement with the breeder that he couldn't be neutered for some reason. Could you ask the original owner where he came from?

  • If you can't find the breeder, and you decide to rehome him yourself, I suggest you get him fixed.
    You surely don't want him to end up in a puppymill breeding home and that can happen with intact dogs.
    But ideally, the breeder should be contacted…

  • Yes the breeder if known should be contacted and also you should contact BRAT… are you in No. or So. California? And he for sure needs to be neutered before his is placed regardless...

  • I am in southern California.

  • Please, I know you care about this dog, but please get him fixed before you rehome him to anyone other than BRAT…

  • You can also contact MedFly in Southern California…

  • @tanza:

    You can also contact MedFly in Southern California…

    Yes–You can check out their website (there's a link to it on the BRAT site). They are also known as Basenji Rescue of Southern CA. Pls send me a private message if you want more info. I got Tyler and Zoey from them earlier this year.

  • "Young male basenji, free to good home" was how we got our first male, intact, who was a handfull for his very uninformed owners. We didn't know what we were getting inot either, but 34 years later, here we are with 3. Please follow the great advice you have been given, contact BRAT, they wil find him a great home, or nueter him if you place him yourself. There is nothing wrong with crying "uncle" and turning him over to rescue, you are like a wonderful foster home for him. They will screen potential owners and make sure he gest just the right family, and you can rest easy, knowing he will have a good life.

    Good luck,
    Anne in Tampa

  • OK, I take it all back, we have decided to keep Baroo. He deserves another chance, and a fair one, so I'm going to commit to training him and walking him and take it from there. I will be starting another post, and don't want to repost everything here, so if you want to know more see the other post. I have just decided he is worth a second chance.

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