• Hello! This is Jenn and Cale, and we just joined the Basenji Forum today. We have one Basenji, obviously named Cyrus and affectionately called "Cyrus the Virus." Cyrus just turned one year old. He is a very smart, energetic, and affectionate Basenji. Cyrus has lots of the typical Basenji behaviors - paper fetish, tilting his head, pawing at things and people. He does not baroo at all, which we suspect is because he doesn't know any other Basenjis. We also have two rescue dogs from Angels for Animals. Hemi is a 55 lb. brindle mix breed who was abused before coming to Angels, and Oscar is a purebred miniature dachshund that someone found abandoned on the road. Cyrus loves them both and gets very upset if he is separated from his canine buddies.

    Cyrus is certainly the most stubborn of our 3 dogs, and he is not the most obedient creature we have ever seen. However, he is probably smarter than Cale and I combined. It is not that he doesn't understand what we are asking him to do; it is that he chooses not to follow instructions. We joke that he is planning a Basenji world takeover in the near future! Cyrus is the first Basenji we have ever owned, and I must admit that I was not fully prepared for this quirky breed. When I adopted Hemi from Angels for Animals, he loved me right away and was eager to please me. Cyrus bided his time, trying to decide whether he really wanted to live with Cale and I. He must have found us suitable because he is still here. Cale is his favorite person, and Cyrus will sneakily bite my hair and disobey when he thinks Cale is not looking.

    It is nice to get in contact with so many other Basenji owners. Looking forward to hearing about the antics of other Basenjis for a change!


  • Welcome! This is the place to learn and compare notes. Have you got pictures of your fur kids? You can post them here or in the Gallery! We love pictures. Cyrus sounds so B-typical! How long has Cyrus been with you? Was he a rescue or did you get him as a pup?

  • Welcome and looking forward to pictures…Do you know where he came from, was Cyrus a rescue? and yes you are correct, Basenjis are not the most obedient dogs... only if it suits them in the moment...

  • Welcome! You will enjoy this forum. Where did you get Cyrus? It's great that he loves your other dogs and has doggie companions–and great that you rescued Hemi (what a cute name) and Oscar. Can't wait to see photos!!

  • Welcome…this is a great place to learn, share and have fun! Looking forward to seeing pictures too!

  • Welcome to the forum, can't wait to read more about your basenji and other dogs, and we need pictures

  • Welcome to the forum - you'll find it's very addictive but full of great tips and helps. And we definitely need pictures - that's half the addiction!

  • We posted some pictures of all of our boys in the Member Gallery. There are lots of recent Cyrus photos. Enjoy!

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