Basenjis descended from what???

  • I've decided that Basenjis must have really descended from some subterranean burrowing animal and not wolves! If we are watching TV, Cory will either burrow under the throw or bury her head in an armpit, under a leg, or even between 2 sofa back cushions. If she dozes in my lap, she'll bury her head under my arm. When I let her in our bed early in the morning, she immediately burrows under the covers to sleep against our lower backs or behind our knees. If the bed is made, she'll burrow between the pillows stacked against the headboard. The only time she doesn't bury her head to sleep is if there is nothing available to cover it. I think she is part gopher!:D


  • Is it coincidence that other little burrowing critters are called Prairie DOGS? ha! 😉

  • Yeah! Cory seems to really have the burrowing down to an instinctive art. LOL - Duke & Daisy don't display that strong of an urge, but will ALWAYS nose and claw their way under any blanket a human is using. I notice it more lately I think because it's getting pretty cold here in Michigan. I don't keep the heat much above 67 degrees even at night.

  • Well, Cory's cousins here in California also like their head covered. I have always figured they must be part ostrich.


  • Yep…..they are definitely related to Cory!! Those are funny. I like the tail crooked through the laundry basket! Play hard and sleep hard!


  • We have dog snuggle blankets all over the house, the b's are almost always covered when they are not moving…
    Its cool up here now, and hubby keeps the house at 65 so blankets or Sally Wallis sweaters are the norm for my 2 b's.

  • After watching Meerkat Manor and then watching my Bs, I think they are related:D

  • @Punky:

    After watching Meerkat Manor and then watching my Bs, I think they are related:D

    That's it!!!! They are just bigger Meerkats - they groom, they burrow, they huddle with the pack, and some (Cory included) even stand on their hind legs to check things out. Truth be known, they probably wouldn't mind eating bugs. And notice on Meerkat Manor - it is the females who rule the place and have the most disagreements within the pack. Their facial expressions are even similar. Definitely Meerkats.


  • Hollie buries her face… but I think it's because her nose stays so COLD!!

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