• Our first Basenji was named Flash, he passed away after Christmas a few years ago at the age of fifteen or so.

    He loved getting into the trash and climbing fences. I remember him getting out of the backyard one rainy summer day. I put on a raincoat and went out looking for him yelling Flash, Flasher when I remembered I was wearing shorts, I looked down and all I saw was my bare legs sticking out from under my raincoat, Flash was not a good thing to be yelling dressed like that so I ran back to the house and put on some long pants. When I came back outside he was standing at the backdoor acting like nothing happened.

    Once he managed to lock himself in the bathroom while I was at work. There was a unopened case of bathroom tissue in there, the floor was six inches deep with completely shredded paper. The trim around the door ripped off and the drywall torn up.

    He could be a real pain sometimes but we loved him anyway.

  • I love the "flash" story!!! I can see it now!! :eek:

  • What wonderful, funny memories you have of your Flash! Thank-you for sharing them and for the chuckle!

  • Wonderful funny and fretful memories. The things we do for love . . .

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