• My male (El D) is nicely house trained and let's me know when he needs to go outside. However, in the mornings (when I'm getting ready for work) he refuses to poop in the yard (he'll poop in the yard at other times when necessary). He wants a walk along the street out front - which is getting more and more difficult with the darkness and colder weather. It's especially a problem when it rains. I've tried setting up a poop area, I've tried walking him on a leash in the yard, I've tried treats, I've tried waiting until the last minute. Nothing seems to work - he wants that little walk out front. Any suggestions on getting him to poop in the yard in the am - I'm getting frustrated.

  • you might want to try (if you can) walk him a little after he goes to the bathroom, and then he'll go at the beginning, expecting a walk, then you just decrease the walks.

    You have to trick him.

  • Nala likes to poop only in the tall grass. They can be so picky - LOL! Good luck!

  • oh yeah, Medjai won't poop in the grass, only on the rocks.

  • i have the same problem as you.. diego will only go after like 15 minutes of walking.. even when the snow is up to my knees! i have to walk in the plowed street and when he is ready he twirls around in the snow to make a little area for him to go.. its so annoying when its dark and freezing.. this is an everyday thing in the winter.. and with the winter approaching im looking for some ideas to get him to go..

  • That's exactly what happens with mine! And it is really frustrating in the dark especially since drivers aren't expecting to see someone in the road that early. I've kind of resigned myself to it and try to get him past the corner where the traffic at least is minimal. But any hints to trick him back into the yard would be appreciated.

  • Basenjis have desires, we have desires to get to work on time.

    You can feed your b twice a day and do a poop right after they eat. That will help.

    When it is raining or cold I just throw on my slicker and accept that I will be getting as wet as my B.

    You may want to try Muttlucks which are great waterproof shoes made for dogs in the water or snow.

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