• hi all,
    so happy to hear about this! got the word from veronica and lori so thanks guys 🙂 we'll be seeing you at laurel cyn for sure.

    the story of our WILY-
    on a vacation, my husband, andrew, and i were walking thru central park in NY on a winter morning when we both at the same time suddenly stopped. in front of us were two gorgeous red and white dogs that we had never seen before. we asked what they were, and as soon as we got home to WeHo we began our research. after a long search, we found our boy in tennessee and we knew instantly he was ours. he was 12 wks old and totally stellar. score!

    wily will be 3yrs old in december. how time flies! and we're now looking to move from our lovely condo to a home with a yard so that we can add another basenji for him. wily is known about the dog park, there usually 4 times a week, and can be heard leading the choir.

    we started by crate-training him which totally worked, but really in the end, he just sleeps with us. he doesnt chew on anything anymore because we used bitter apple (especially on those electrical cords), loves to sunbathe on the balcony, tease our 2 cats, and always wants to be wherever the action is.

    glad to be here! and cant wait to meet others..
    rita, andrew and wily…

  • Welcome!!!!!! and sounds like Wily is great… did he come from a breeder?.. or rescue?

  • Welcome, i'm new here too! You'll love the site. Everyone has been helpful!

  • Hello and welcome!! Can't wait to pics of Wily!!!

  • Welcome!!! Can't wait for pics

  • Hi there, Rita and Wiley! It was wonderful to meet you at Laurel Canyon. Hope to see you again very soon, and post pics of your "wiley" Basenji when you can. 🙂 ~ Lori of the Z-Pack: Zen, Zoe, and Ziggy ~

  • Welcome…it sounds like you've made lots of friends! Looking forward to pcitures of your day!

  • hi there! we got wily from a really nice breeder in tennessee and we donate yearly to BRAT. we'll go there first this next time around just to see.. i'm gonna post fotos of the wily as soon as i figure it out.. heh.. thx for the warm welcome! we're excited to have this forum..

  • The pictures in the gallery are great! The one all suited up for the rain just cracked me up! Beautiful dog…thanks for sharing!

  • Welcome to the forum!

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