One Week After Tiggy's Arrival (A little long)

  • So it's been a week since Tiggy arrived. And I must say I am smitten with the breed. I have always loved the breed and i am very glad I decided to do the research and then get my little Tiggy monster.

    So on to Tiggy, well what can I say, he's a puppy and into everything within reach. But this in a funny way I don't mind, it's teaching my husband to keep things put up, lol. Nothing though about his crazy puppy antics is new, it is actually quite the same as to crazy boxer puppy antics. I've had other dogs in the past, but IMO it seems that the boxer and basenji puppyhood are pretty much the same, they are fearless, nosey, into everything, have to follow you everywhere, things everything is a toy to include fingers, hair ties and tags to clothes and blankets. They seem to believe that everything needs to be done at top speed and take flying leaps at everything (one difference, basenji puppies are lighter they don't land as heavy). Gets distracted VERY easily, so sometimes potty breaks take extra long, lol.

    I've had other dogs in the past and I know each breed has thier own quirks, but it seems boxers and basenjis are very close in personality (at least Reggie and Tiggy). Tiggy is pretty much just like Reggie was at that age, and trust me none of the other dogs I've raised were like a boxer, boxers are a stubborn bull head want to do thier way type of dog. Reggie still to this day at 5yrs, with his honor roll obedience graduations and CGC certified will give me the look of "you have to be kidding me, you want ME to do what?"

    Then there is the selective hearing, which I've learned after Reggie to overcome and have the right tone of voice or know just the right way to a basenji's ears -treats- lol, plus lots of praise. He has picked up on sit really well and now at every meal he sits and waits for his bowl to be put down and he can't stick his head in Reggie's bowl either or he gets pushed out of the way and both bowls get picked up. Also even though he makes a huge fuss when I get home, the crate door doesn't open until he sits (sometimes takes a minute).

    He has adjust very well to my cat Pigmy, and Pigmy has even started to play with him a little, she'll sit on the couch and swat at him while he pounces around on the floor in front of her. He has also learned that she doesn't like to be chased and the she will stand her ground. She has not used her claws on him at all, just a good swat lets him know he's getting out of line (for her).

    Tiggy and Reggie are doing wonderful together, Reggie at first was a little standoffish and would mostly ignore him, now they are playing. Tiggy likes to grab a hold of Reggie's cheek and pull, but he still hasn't figured out that Reggie's got a lot of skin there and thats why he keeps being able to reach around and get him back. I am so proud of my boxer boy, he is so gentle with Tiggy when they play, and if Tiggy starts getting to rough, Reggie just puts a paw on him and holds him down until he calms down a little. Reggie also will lay down on the ground and they will start wrestling together, Tiggy jumping all over Reggie, and Reggie just rolling around (sometimes over Tiggy, lol).

    I also have a puppy that sings to me. Every morning at our first potty break and every time I get home and let him out of his crate he sings a little. Nothing much just a little, but it always makes me smile. He sleeps all through the night with us in bed and never gets up, I'm a light sleeper and i even know when the cat comes and goes from the bed.

    He rides very well in the car and settles down right away, no crazy puppy flying around the car. We bought him a seatbelt and harness and he had no problems with it at all. I just got him a gentle leader so that is our next step. He walks really well when Reggie is with us, but unfortunitley Reggie has a bad knee so he can't take long walks, there fore when Reggie is not us Tiggy will start pulling. Then our walks are usually long in time but not in distance because Tiggy wants to smell everything, even if he smelled it a few hours prior, lol.

    Well I think thats about it for now, since I wrote a book, sorry for writing so much.

  • I thank you for so beautiful story about first week tiggy at your home…

  • @Arti:

    I thank you for so beautiful story about first week tiggy at your home…

  • Awww…you (and Tiggy) seem to be adjusting quite well...and I love your "signature" sweet!

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