• O.k so this is pretty gross but wanted to know if anyone else's dog does this. Sometimes when I walk Champ he takes a very long time to find grass that is suitable for his poop. Ans sometimes I actually see the poop popping out of his behind and go back in like it was playing peek-a-boo (lol, I know it sounds nasty). He sometimes dosen't even go. He gets distracted or just doesn't go. It's just funky how I see it right there just waiting to be let go and no Champ does not let go. What is going on? He dosen't do this all the time but still what's up with that?

  • I find a lot of B's are like this. All of my B's have to find the 'perfect' spot.

  • yeah and do you also see the poop peeping out?

  • Oh yeahhhh! Then it gets sucked back in faster than you can say, poopies!! They don't even have to be squatting!

  • Lol..yeap!!!!

  • :eek: Hollie's the same way. Perfect spot can take FOREVER to locate!! 😃

  • Yes!! And Tyler and Zoey have their favorite locations on our walk around the neighborhood.

  • Jazzy does this at every dog show, or anywhere there are other dogs – vets' yard, etc. It's so nasty! LOL

    Kind of embarrassing sometimes.. but what can you do?

  • My Husband Didn't Believe Me At First Then He Was Like Omg Y?lol

  • Ok…Im glad someone else posted this because Chance does the same thing. I take him out and his pooper flexes while he sniffs the ground (sorry its gross)
    BUT I sometimes think he teases me because he knows I need him to potty and he wont. If the back end flexes thats when I to a scan around the area praying that no one is near or else I will have to wait even longer because now he will have a new distraction and won't go.

  • LOL, it is not the most attractive thing about them. And not the moment when you want someone else watching. hee hee

    I've actually had people tell me, 'Oh, I think your dog is trying to go to the bathroom'. sigh. I know, I know.

  • Plus it makes me walk him extra and makes me rush back home to get ready for work in a hurry. This morning was like…I see it come on already but noooooo. He does it on purpose just to remind me what it's like to be owned by a B!!lol

  • yep, basenji buttholes are their biggest downfall.

    I have one that gets really michievious when she has to poop. When she's being bad, all you have to do is check to see if her "indicator light" is on, and if it is you have to put her out, and if necessary kick her little butt into the wet grass so she'll go.:rolleyes:

  • lol. that's funny

  • great potty strategy though

  • I love that somebody finally brought this up, Nexa does this all the time. Last night we went for a long walk, took her outside 4 times, but there were just too many squirrels, rabbits, leaves, wind, bugs, grass to eat, smells…etc…she was sooooo close but just wouldn’t go. This morning she bolted outside with some urgency and then realized it was raining…quickest poop ever. 😃 😃 😃

  • those are the best

  • Why do B's like to bird watch! I just can't figure that out. In the mornings when I am of course in a huge hurry to get to work, I'll take chance outside to potty and he will just look up at the sky. AAARRRGGGHHHH!

  • @Vegas:

    yep, basenji buttholes are their biggest downfall.

    So True!
    I have to admit…the first time I brought our pup home and he went poo, I had to say eeewww....what the heck is that...Is that normal??? GROSS!
    Hahahahaha :rolleyes:

  • My dogs do the same thing… BUT... do your dogs WALK WHILE POOPING? I've even seen Lexi do a handstand... literally... just pooping on her 2 front legs!!!

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