Moving to NY - basenji friendly apartments?

  • Hello! So a few weeks ago I posted that I was moving to Connecticut. Now plans have changed and I'm moving to New York. Most likely the Westchester area. I'm excited about the work opportunity I have there, but sadly, Connecticut would have been much better for me housing wise, I could have afforded a house with a fenced in yard for the B's! But now, I am looking for an apartment that is dog friendly in White Plains or somewhere close by. I'm finding most apartments don't even allow dogs! So I'm getting pretty frusterated by the whole thing.

    Is anyone from the White Plains area? Any insight on how to find pet-friendly accomodation? I would ideally like to find a place that is a house divided into apartments, with access to a fenced in yard. So far, it's proving to be highly unlikely that I'll find it. 😞

  • Well actually having a besnji can wok in your favor. Most apartments have a weight limit of a max of 25lbs.

    Here are some links that may help you

    Also try you can do a search thier and put in a search for ones that welcome pets.

    Hope this helps

  • Oh man..Westchester is pricey 😞 I work in Manhattan & live in NJ. Could you possibly find something in NJ??

    Or perhaps a place over the Tappan Zee Bridge which is Rockland County or Orange County which both are still in NY except on the other side of the Hudson River. Prices are usually better in this area.

    You can send me a PM if you'd like to chat more!

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