• Ok, so I have been thinking about my two wonderful basenji boys all morning and have to share this picture of them this morning. It is really stupid, but really cute.

    Cairo (7 month old, brindle) and Caesar (6yr old, red) flollow me around in the morning when I get ready for work. That is their thing. I get out of the shower and they lick my leg lotion off, they get in the way when I am doing my exercises, they just hover near mom.

    Cairo is notorious for being a "mini me" of Caesar. Caesar does something, he will watch and when Caesar leaves immitate him to a tee.

    When I am in the bedroom dressing, Cairo tends to put on his "Scrappy Doo Persona" (Scooby Doo's little feisty friend) on and begins to look for loose things on the floor to grab and run.

    He loves business cards, receipts, and socks which sometimes can be found. Well, this morning, there was nothing to grab. So Caesar, the mature adult decides to go under my bed. I turn around, and Caesar has his red butt in the air and his back legs straight up with his head and legs under the bed looking for treasure.

    I watch Cairo who wants to be and do exactly as Caesar does. It was so cute to see the two under my bed and their little butts and curly tails in the air. I am sure they didnt know I could see them.

    So freakin' cute, and I know I am crazy.

  • I wish you had gotten a picture of that 🙂 One time, my smaller Zoey put her head under the bookcase in my living room. When my bigger Tyler followed suit, he got stuck! I was on the phone with a friend and was laughing and telling my friend they were sticking their heads under the bookcase–but then I realized Tyler was stuck, and I freaked! I hung up on my friend because I thought Tyler would panic and struggle and the bookcase would fall on him (it's a wood case with glass doors and completely full!)--but he didn't. He just squatted there patiently with his little basenji butt up in the air until his Mom came over to drag him over to the higher end to get him out.

  • that is funny.

    I remember one of my cats getting stuck in a jeans pant let which was pretty cute too! She was a fat white cat….

  • ha ha, that looks like a squeeze:eek:

  • hahaha. Cute photo. I had to put storage boxes under my bed because Tyler and Zoey could actually fit all the way under and would crawl around under there, and I was worried about them getting stuck–especially Tyler since he's bigger/taller than Zoey.

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