• So Cairo has been a pointer since a pup and it typically is to notify me of where Caesar has gone to the bathroom, LOL.

    This morning, Cairo bounced out of the house into the backyard with me for one last hoorah before work. He is so cute. There is movement in the fence! He runs over, looks and points at the lizards running on the fence. Just too cute! The lizards are about 4inches long and it was just my basenji ha ha this morning.

    Anyone have any funny pointing stories?

  • One time Rowdy pointed a morsel of dog food. He took it out of his bowl, put it on the floor, and then stayed a long time with his nose pointing at the piece of food before finally eating it!! 🙂

  • ha ha, that is really funny!! Rowdy seems like a great basenji!

  • He is! He is! I hope someone will adopt him and appreciate his personality. Haven't heard anything from BRAT yet.

  • I just snapped a pic of our dog pointing

    The white thing on his butt is a snow flake falling in the foreground

  • So adorable! I wonder what he found that was interesting enough to point to. Haha :p

  • @Ninabeana26:

    So adorable! I wonder what he found that was interesting enough to point to. Haha :p

    Or to keep that one foot out of the snow… gggg....

  • @tanza:

    Or to keep that one foot out of the snow… gggg....

    LMAO…that's what I was thinking! I see Nala doing this a lot in the snow and often wonder...is it a red squirrel or a deer or is it just trying to keep her one paw from freezing?!

  • Oh Mia does this all the time, especially if it's dewy outside, she takes turn with which paw she raises to keep dry lol

  • He usually does that when he spots another animal or is suspicious about something. He does it all the time all year long.

  • The first picture is Jasper chasing the foxtail and once they chase it enough and can't catch it, they start to stalk…......this is the beginnings of a point. I had a pointer that I trained to point using a simlar technique with a bird wing. Once they figure they can't catch it and need to sneak, you try to get them to "Whoa" and hold the point.

    Here, Penny just dosen't like the frosty paw feeling of the snow.:D 😃

  • While EL D hasn't taken to pointing he does stalk sometimes if he sees something like a squirrel that doesn't know EL D is there.

  • Sally points everyday. Her tail is straight and it becomes a line on her body when she is serious about hunting!(We ahve a lot of bunny's in the back yard)

  • I love these pointing pics of your beautiful Basenjis. My B, Sahara alerted me to the backyard last night or this morning rather. It was about 1:00am and she went out for her last potty trip and would not come in. I saw her running back and forth from the front of the house to the back gate. She was pointing at something along the gate and would NOT come inside. I alerted my husband and we went out to investigate with a flash light. We were very careful and to my surprise I saw the problem. My cat, Pepper was in the next door neighbors yard. Sahara loves to chase my cat, and I guess Sahara was telling me, "Pepper is in the neighbors yard!"

  • We have had some Great Horned Owls around our yard at night. I doubt they would attack dog, but still I am kind of leary of them going out alone at night.

  • Our B Trixie Does This Constantly. I am so glad I read this because at first we thought that she had something wrong with her paw. Now we know. She does this expecially to the squirrels that live in our trees that if they ever fall out of the trees she will be there waiting!!! She also is a great lizzard hunter

  • They are the perfect dog, fast, scent & sight hound, pointer and really smart- all of which can make a challenging pet or the best hunting dog you could own.

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