Hi there i have three basenjis….2 girls and 1 boy

the girls are brindle and white and the boy is red/white......their names are ramsey, caira, and layla

they are of the sure everyone on this site knows what a pain they can be

ramsey is my grumpy one that pouts if he doesnt get his way
caira is my lover she is always on your lab waiting for lovin
layla is my trouble she back talks.....well roos...contstantly especially when shes in trouble hehe

Welcome to the Forum…. post pictures soon.... where did you get your B's from?

Welcome to the forum, looking forward to seeing pictures of your pups…and hearing the stories, of course!

they sound perfect!! 😉

Hello and welcome to the forum!! I am anxious to see pics!!!

Welcome to the forum! Im sure you will find it as helpful as I have! There is A LOT of knowledge here!!!!

Welcome!! Can't wait for pics

Welcome to the forum!

welcome to the forum..WOW three basenji's! you ARE so brave!
but good luck and i found this site to be very helpful.

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