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My name is Urszula & I'm a single mom to a beautiful 11 year old daughter that sometimes gets replaced by an alien. I live with an amazing partner which I met a couple of years ago (been married once & cost me a fortune to divorce him many moons ago so not doing it again) We live and take care of a couple rescue cats that were lucky enough to cross out path (they are now pampered & indoors 24/7 - they are my partner's responsability). I also take care of my two neutered boys, Jay-Jay a Siberian Husky (5yrs) & Duke a Rhodesian Ridgeback (3yrs). Our house is busy but fun and if someone tries to break the good energy, well they get a quick squirt of water and issue is resolved (works on both humans & animals). Signed up on this forum because we're wanting to add an older Basenji rescue or re-home girl to our pack. Btw, a Basenji was my 2nd choice when I was researching a dog and then got my 1st Ridgie in 1996 when I lived in Alberta. So I'm starting over my search & research. Hopefully I get enough info here to finalize my decision and maybe be directed to a nice Basenji girl.

Welcome! Glad to have you join all of us Basenji nuts!

Welcome, the very first thing you should learn is that Basenji's are a totally different kind of animal (dog). Be sure you research them and their traits carefully. They are extremely intelligent, strong willed and not easily trained as they do have a mind of their own, if they aren't in the mood to obey there isn't much you can do about it, they will not be forced to do what you want. If you can convice them that it was their idea they will most often comply. Otherwise, you will soon learn to love them. We started with a 2yo R/W female rescue, certain that 1 was enough, Now, 5 years later we have, a 4yo R/W male rescue, and a male R/W brindle rescue. They keep us well loved and highly entertained, our backyard is a little over a 1/4 acre and it is wonderful to watch them racing around chasing squirrls and bunnies and visiting with the neighbor dogs through the fence.

But as different as a Basenji may be, if you can live with a Sibe you can probably deal with a Basenji!
I've had Sibes and Basenjis for years, a lot of people couldn't cope with either of those breeds.
Welcome to the forum.

Hi, you do have a full household. Am new to the basenji myself, my boy is nearly 11months old had him since 10 weeks and he has been great so far and am looking forward to him maturing. Was a little hesitant about them after I read about their reputation about being a difficult dog but haven't really see it in mine(yet), maybe he isn't a basenji or maybe you just have to spend time on them to get the best out of them, or I got the odd one out.

Jolanda and Kaiser

What we found paramount is that a B really has to RUN every day. Because I'm self employed I can take Lela and Binti out every morning for a serious walk off leash. That will drain their energy and tie them over until late afternoon. And yes, they are different than other breeds, but do use your own knowledge, experience and intuition to train them - there is a vast spectrum between B's and there really is a lot you can accomplish with patience and consistency (and a good sense of humor too!). It's a lot of fun every day.

Well, it's been a month and Zsa-Zsa (named after Zsa Zsa Gabor) has fully integrated with the family. She rules the two boys and it will be an ongoing work in progress for her not to chase the cats (she is improving). She has bonded strongly with Duke (my ridgeback) who is the one guy I thought I would have a problem but both boys accepted her after a week.

I do have a question, a week after she came home, she started her heat and it has been over for close to 2weeks. My vet doesn't want to sterilize her until 2 months after it is over

Just wanted to let everyone one know that we have a new addition to our family and we have named her Zsa Zsa (after Zsa Zsa Gabor). She is 6 months old and her former family had to give her up due to allergies. She has paper with the CKC and I've checked that she is Fanconi clear (sire is a non-carrier).

She is loving our home and playing with her big brothers, I was very surprised how fast everyone accepted her (the cats still have some issues with her but it is getting better every week). My Ridgeback Duke and her are joined to the hip, they run like maniacs in the backyard and sometime I get scared of the speed (Duke is 85lbs and she is 12) and someone getting hurt. It's funny to see a little girl bossing around two big boys with a combined weight of 130lbs. She is a mischievous and goofy girl but it suits her and I wouldn't change a thing.

I do have a question concerning when you can sterilize a female after her 1st heat. A week after arriving at our home (1st week of June), she started her heat and my vet will not fix her until 2 months after she is finished which should be end of August. Is this normal practice?

Thank you,

Lovely girl, and a fine pack!
As to sterilization: yes, it should be done well after the heat is over, because the hormones should be at normal (that is, adult) levels at the moment of the sterilization. Even 2 months is on the short side, I think.

Great looking girl! How does she like the water?

She's still not too sure about water & I think it's because I've been using the water bottle to discourage inappropriate behavior 🙂

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