• Jack, my 7 yr. old Basenji seems to keep putting on weight. We currently have him on Royal Canin, skin something prescription food, it's main ingredient is fish meal. Our vet suggested it, because he is a very allergic dog. First we had him on skin formula and I noticed in six weeks his weight went from 25lbs. to 30lbs. We reduced the amount, he didn't lose weight and then we reduced the amount again. Currently he is on 1/2 Cup and he still isn't losing weight. I walk him most mornings for an hour and try and limit any other treat he gets. Occasionally he gets pizzles. My vet is at a loss and I am at a loss. His thyroid seems good no problems there. Does anyone have any ideas? Also he is on a medication called Cyclosporin for his allergies….

  • Weight gain is one of the side effects of cyclosporin. Have his kidney's and liver levels checked. That is a very low amount of food to be feeding and it may have more to do with an immune suppression which is what cyclosporin does.

  • Weight gain is also an effect of low thyroid. I know that you said that his thyroid "seems" fine… but has the full panel been done? or just the T3 that is done with normal bloodwork... and even at that, what was the level, low normal for a Basenji is TOO low....

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