Behavior Changes in my 8 year old girl??

  • My 8 year old Olly is the most mellow laid back girl you could ask for. Perfect pup for an older single woman living alone and working from home. I've had her since she was 4 after she retired from the ring. My little paper chewing machine is always crated when she is alone at home and enjoys going to daycare periodically when she watches the other dogs, naps and spends more time hanging with the human counselors. She has always slept in the bed with me at night or during a daytime nap. In the last 8 weeks, she has been shaking her head, looking up as if she is being buzzed by a gnat (which I don't see) and taking off as if she is being chased by the hounds of hell. This can occur at at time of the day or night and from any location, her bed under the kitchen table where I work and surprisingly even in our bed at night. She was treated for an ear infection about 8 mos ago by her regular vet. When this episode started, I couldn't get to the regular vet so I took her to one close by who treated her a minor ear infection in two visits but the ear shaking and wild flights have commenced again. I have an appt with her regular vet this week. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of activity and what were the causes of it.
    Thanks for any info and experiences you care to share.

  • @njdeb Wow. That's a puzzle. Kudos to you for the new vet appointment. Couple things come to mind... First, I'm not a vet. Just a Basenji junky. Always defer to your vet. I'd be curious if it might be a reoccurring ear infection, an allergy to something (e.g., pollen), a bug in there, or maybe a foxtail, or possibly hearing loss. Can dogs get Tinnitus? Olly's defiantly not happy about something. I'm just throwing out thoughts, But if it were me these are a few things I'd be prepped to ask the vet about and have them eliminate them one by one. Vet might just ignore me and get right to it. Even better. But these are things that cross my mind...

  • @jengosmonkey
    Thanks so much for your thoughtful response. Regular vet checked her ears which looked pretty good although she gave me some additional ear medicine. She also thought it might be allergies (I know mine have been killing me this year). Since the regular vet is a bit of a trip (about 30 minutes), I am set up to have a new patient visit in early June with another well regarded multi vet practice about 10 minutes away. A perfect time to get another vet's opinion on the new behavior assuming that it still occurring. Olly has been boarded at her favorite kennel for a week because I was ill and afraid I might be hospitalized. I check on her via their webcam during the day and she seems perfectly content. I asked if they had seen any head shaking or flight during her but they said she seemed normal. I think her aim is to drive me nuts. She is succeeding!

    Thanks again!

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