• Long story. I'll try to make it short. Never been able breath freely through my nose. Dad has the same issue. He was diagnosed with a deviated septum, so they cracked his nose (broke it) to free things up. Anesthesia, surgery room and all that. I booked an appointment a few years back to see if I had a similar issue. Doc said "Yeah, I can see some deviation, but not enough to warrant any correction, plus you've been living with for so long it's probably fine." Thanks for nuthin'. So I go about my life.

    Last week I'm riding the couch watching nothing important on the tube and Logan sees something in the backyard. Within a nanosecond and without any warning whatsoever he leaps across and over top of me to clear the top of couch which is the shortest fastest way to the back door. I don't know what, maybe his rear knee cracks me right on the left side of my nose. And I mean HARD. It hurt like holy hell. The kind of hurt where it hurts so bad that you can't even say the seven words that you aren't allowed to say on TV. Well... at least back in the days when you couldn't say them. 😆 Eyes watering. It hurt really bad. No, I didn't beat him. Never even acknowledged it with him. It was an accident. Stuff happens. Plus, I NEVER strike my dogs. Ever.

    But OMG it hurt. Bad. My nose was sore for the next three maybe four days. At first I thought he broke it, but it never bruised so I just decided to wait and see.

    So the net result is... he cracked something in there. But I CAN BREATH AGAIN! My Basenji is a doctor! 👊 😅 👍

  • @jengosmonkey Basenjis excel at everything, Greg - you should know that by now !

    So pleased you are cured !

  • Hahaha loved this story! I was definitely expecting something along the lines of teeth-on-nose but this is amazing!! CONGRATS on being able to breathe again!

  • 🤣 WTG Logan!! 🤣

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