Hi From Greg, Logan and Princess Sparkle

  • Hi Basenji afficionados, it's a bit since I've posted an update. I've had a busy year so far... travel to care for my folks in Colorado, helped rebuild a house that a friend is trying to flip (timing is everything), bought a 1970 MGB Roadster that I'm smitten with, much work in the back yard, enjoying time with my son who's home from university (helped get him a job with a friend, so he's learning concrete and making money) and on it goes...

    Logan and Sparkle got fat... dang it. My fault. Too many snacks. Kill 'em with kindness. Been on a diet for a few weeks. Logan is back to optimal weight. Sparkle is losing it at a slower rate, but we're getting there...

    Aside from a few itchy bug bites on Sparkle, dogs are doing great! Hoping to do another litter in fall if the universe cooperates. No shows for me this summer. Too much going on, but I hope to get back to it. I'd really like Logan to get his Gch. Hope your summer is going well...

  • Good to hear from you Greg.... take care.... Remember that bitches will pack on extra weight after being in season... especially ones that have had a litter. Since Sparkle had a litter last fall/winter and had a puppy season this spring, not a surprise that she has pack on the pounds!

  • Envy the 70s MGB. One of my brothers had one. I had the Triumph Spitfire. I have never bought an automatic (and don't plan to start now)!! 🙂

  • Great to hear from you again, Greg, especially the news that you are planning on another litter this Fall ! Showing isn't everything and Logan will get his GCh once you have completed all the chores of this summer. Shame the kids got fat, it happens all to easily (and not just for Basenjis !). That Logan lost his surplus more quickly does not surprise me. We females always find it harder !

  • @Tanza & @Zande It was funny... after the puppies had been weened and left soon after, Sparkle slimmed down almost right away. And it was after her heat in April that she packed the pounds back on. She's better now, but I'd like to see her lose another pound, pound and a half or so. Logan is looking lean and svelte again. He's good to go.

    @elbrant I love British sports cars! This is my second 70' MGB. It's a much better running car than when we got it. Pulls strong now with rebuilt and re-tuned carburetors. We've been chasing electrical gremlins left and right. We've sorted much of it, but we still have more tackle. The Spitfire is another really cool British sports car. Love Triumphs. I've never had one, but I've always appreciated them!

    It's funny... many MGB aficionados loath the 1970. British Leyland had taken over MG in 1968. They finally exerted design influence in model year 1970. That's when they introduced the "Fish Mouth" grille and split rear bumper. It gave the MGB a more Italian sports car aesthetic, which purists hated. I absolutely adore the look. Purists hate it like we hate puppy mills and people who won't test for Fanconi. Pretty devisive topic.

  • @JENGOSMonkey said in Hi From Greg, Logan and Princess Sparkle:

    like to see her lose another pound, pound and a half or so.

    That is a great deal of weight for a young lady Basenji to lose ! It suggests she is grossly overweight now ?

  • @zande.She was 22 lbs when We got her. She’s at 24 now. She’s been losing about .2 to .3 lbs per week. She had been at 25.

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