• Hi everyone,
    Introducing Safi, my 16 week old pup.
    Thanks to Sally for introducing me to Rosita last year and though that didn't work out I did get a pup a year later.
    So far no allergic reaction for me, which is great though I'm getting to grips with the breed and their traits.
    I'm glad I found this forum and I look forward to getting help and advice here!

    Nigeltn_R000002019.jpg tn_R000001725.jpg tn_R000001622.jpg tn_R000001421.jpg tn_R000001223.jpg

  • Welcome! Safi is stunning!

  • Safi is so SWEET - a gorgeous basenji! 🥰! Welcome to the forum! ♥🐾

  • What a cute puppy, care to share the pedigree/breeder as many of us are related to our Basenjis here

  • Thanks all, I did mean to share the pedigree info, forgot to put it!

    Dam: Tadrose Red Fire
    Sire: CH Nganga's It's One Heck of a Storm
    Breeder: Tadeus & Rosita (Tadrose)

  • @saving Welcome to the Forum !

    Thanks to the tardiness of the Kennel Club, we are still awaiting the December 2021 Breed Record Supplement, so I am unable to add Safi or her siblings to the database. 😰 PLEASE could you email me with her registered name - even the intended one if the KC hasn't done its thing yet !

    Kito says Hi to his close relative - Safi's Dad is his Dad's son !! She is lovely and you will have loads of fun with her. If you are close enough, drop down one weekend and they can play together in the woods. Kit's full sister Luna is a relatively frequent visitor.

  • Safi = Tadrose Love
    I remember that you had one of Rosita's pups last year right is that Kito?
    You've completely confused me with the relationship between the two, I think you mean that Kito is Safi's uncle?

  • Kito is Tadrose Red Sunset. (The KC registered TWO as Tadrose Red Lady - including Kito but when I threatened to register change of ownership of my boy as Red Lady, the owner of the real Red Lady objected and the KC admitted its mistake !)

    Have a look at the on-line pedigree database. That will give you the relationships. But actually I made a mistake - Kito is uncle and half-brother - same Dad. I should have said Safi's Mom is Kito's Mom's daughter.

    But as Kito and Mku are half brothers, Safi is a half-sister to Mku, too -

    Pedigrees are such fun ! People who don't bother with them are really missing out on the amusement and exploration !

  • Ah the joys of inbreeding!

  • @zande Tadrose Red Lady was to be my pup last year. I had everything ready except for my head...

  • @saving She is a really cute little girl! Great looking Basenji. Glad to hear you got some good help finding her on the Forum. Sally is the best!

  • @jengosmonkey Thanks! I was given Sally's number by someone last year and she talked me out of getting a Basenji first and when she'd beaten me into submission, she then said not to give up lol! Very helpful though and put me in touch with a breeder when one came up.

  • @saving NO ! Don't call it inbreeding - because in this case it isn't. Our dogs are all closely related but the pairings were out-crosses.

    Basenjis, IMNSHO, should be line-bred. Everything Marvin and I produced in about 40 years of breeding, was line-bred on Donner. Ch and Irish Ch Domewood Donner. We line-bred quite closely, crossed right out and then came back in again to fix type.

    Think about it in the wild. A pack of Basenjis is not owned by a person but by a village. The pack runs wild and the Alpha male mates with his aunts, his neices, his grand-daughters, his sisters, his mother and just about any female in the pack. Close line breeding. And Basenjis as a Breed are one of the oldest - one of the 6 original canines. They have survived in recognisable construction for - so people say - 6000 years.

    Look back through some of the oldest pedigrees and you will see this continuing -

  • @zande - Totally right Zande, it is not inbreeding.. it is line breeding.... there is a difference. It is done with great thought to conformation, temperament, breed standard, health... there is a difference between the two...

  • Thanks for the explanation, I'm sure the royals did it with great thought too!!

  • @saving said in Here's Safi:

    I'm sure the royals did it with great thought too!!


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