• Hi There,

    We'd like to get a pure bred male basenji puppy preferably in the NY or east coast.

    If you have any leads or breeders I can check, please share.

    Thank you 🙏

  • Please go to www.basenji.org and you can search for breeders by state. You will be hard pressed to find a puppy this time of year as Basenji only have puppies typically in Oct/Nov/Dec time as they only come in season once a year. This would be the time to try and get on a reservation list with a responsible breeder. One that does health testing especially for Fanconi and PRA. Those results are public knowledge with www.ofa.org. Be careful of all the scams out there, do not trust something that says 1/2 price or price reduced... and then they want you to send the money.... NO PUPPY! will ever arrive. You can read and learn about how to select a breeder at this link https://bconc.org/finding-breeders-red-flags

  • I always recommend that you inquire locally with the closest Kennel Club, Veterinarians, and other dog oriented services. Serious breeders will oftentimes show their dogs and local clubs (pre-Covid) typically host annual dog shows. It's a good place to start. Even if they aren't planning for a show (right now), they may know someone involved in the breed. Veterinarians might have clients with Basenji's. Etc., etc.

    The internet has a wealth of information. It's also rife with people who prey on your emotions and wallet. Beware. But not just that... even if you are sure that someone is sincere, arrange to pick up (and pay for) your puppy in person.

  • To help you avoid the scammers and irresponsible breeders, join this Facebook group:
    Basenji Puppies/Puppys/Puppy’s: Get Educated BEFORE you BUY

  • @senjisilly said in Basenji Puppy in US:

    Get Educated BEFORE you BUY

    I second this motion!

    Seriously... to quote the animal shelter I got my Aussie/Border Collie from during the holidays back in the day... "A dog is not for Christmas. It's for LIFE!"

    Let people who've been in this breed for some time, have contacts, know the in's and out's guide you. Picture in your mind a 15-year commitment. Help this breed by supporting responsible breeders who are passionate about the breed.

    How do you spot a Responsible Breeder? Insist on health testing PRIOR to breeding. Know your breeder's goals for the breed. Meet them! See if they're in @Zande's Pedigree Database. Read the Basenji Club of America Illustrated Standard on @tanza's site. Most of you won't ever show your dog and that's OK! Your breeder should know the Standard inside and out. They should be able to talk to it. Read it and ask them how their line supports the standard. Ask them what their breeding goals are, what they've been working on, where they are going, etc. That's fair. A good Basenji breeder is going ask you a TON of questions, AND THEY SHOULD! We want good solid safe homes for puppies, retired show dogs or dogs that don't want to show.

    Not every puppy will be a show dog. In fact, most won't be. Litters on average are between 4 and 6. Responsible breeders need pet homes for puppies that aren't going to part of their breeding programs. You can support responsible breeding by providing pet homes. Just make sure your breeder will make time for ALL your questions both before and AFTER the purchase. Mine will! 😁 👍

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