CattleJack wants Basenji sibling

  • @elbrant

    @senjisilly ... the dog detective! 😊

    Yep, that's me, like Basil of Baker street. All I need is to convince Valentino to be my trusty sidekick, Dr. David Q. Dawson. (My very favorite Disney animated film, Basil the Great Mouse Detective.)

  • Interesting - Benji actually reminds me of my Dill with his behavior issues. Hope he finds a good home. Dill is also mischievous - he chews on everything he can find and refuses to give it up, he won't sit still without biting and being a spaz. He's also scared of everything - whenever I move anything, like furniture or something large or heavy in his view or vicinity, he starts shaking and barking. He gets carsick and throws up on drives to dog parks and while there he's scared of all the dogs except maybe of tiny puppies, and when they get close, wanting to play, he tucks his tail, bears his teeth as a warning and if they don't comply he starts air snapping at them. So I've had to tone down the trips so as not to flood him with bad experiences. But, I love the kid so I'm going to keep working on it. I think a companion would be great for him, and I'm thinking a Basenji because I love the breed but maybe I'm in over my head, not sure. Still trying to convince the wife, she's not having it at this point because of the issues we're having with Dill but I'm going to persevere! 😀 What do you guys think, am I being a bit too ambitious with the second dog idea at this point?

  • @dillinger So Dill IS a Basenji? I'm getting that he is.

  • @jengosmonkey Nope, he's not.
    Here's his embark profile:

  • @dillinger So he's still a really cool looking dog! I like that you can hold him, his expressions and that he seems ok with kids. And I like that you are a Dogophile.

    That he's not a Basenji is no reason for you to leave. PLEASE STAY! We can get you to a Basenji. Also appreciate your honesty about a few issues with him. All seem Basenjiesque. In my opinion... a Basenji... especially a puppy "might" exacerbate the problem. Don't give up yet! I haven't. More folks will jump in here soon...

    The good news is you have some behavior issues which, if you can overcome, they'll give you invaluable insight into how to interact with a Basenji. My concern is that if you haven't gotten there yet... ya might be doubling down on a losing hand. Honestly... it's about you right now. Your commitment, training skills and consistency. Your ability to affect changes in behavior with training. If you can do this with Dill... I'd bet you can do it with a Basenji. He needs more work. I hesitate to give too much advice cause...there're more qualified trainers here than I. I know basics.

    At the very least you'd need to meet with a breeder, with Dill, and see how things went with the pack or the dog they might be thinking of.

    Work with Dill more. Ask more questions. Describe behavioral issues in more detail. Let's work on that first.

    My wife didn't want a second dog/Basenji either. We ended up with two and then six puppies, with my Breeder's prior approval and guidance, for a short time! I had EIGHT FRIGGIN' Basenjis at my house! Ain't no one takin' that from me! I had eight Basenjis. 👊 😝 👍

  • That head shot would have fooled anyone into thinking he was purebred. Until I read his weight ! 27 lbs is much too big for even an over-weight Basenji !

    Hope he find a lovely home though !

  • @jengosmonkey thanks, I'm definitely not going to give him up. He is my first pet so I'm also learning as I go, but things are actually getting better, little by little, as he's already about 8 or 9 months old, and starting to adjust. Going to continue working with him and he'll be fine. Just a slightly rocky beginning for us.

  • @dillinger said in CattleJack wants Basenji sibling:

    Dill is also mischievous - he chews on everything he can find

    Doodle did this when she first came home with us. She promptly removed the corners from every one of my "designer pillows", clearly the corners were an issue.... Then she would fall asleep, dreaming about her mom, she would start sucking on part of my quilt and chew a hole in it. While sleeping! The solution was a rather long walk, every day. She still gets her (2-5 mile) walk and I just live with redesigned pillows. 😉

    @dillinger said in CattleJack wants Basenji sibling:

    He's also scared of everything

    This is going to be a transition. The more Dill experiences, the more comfortable he will be. When something startles him, let him know that it's not a big deal. If you are going to move a piece of furniture, consider warning him... A lot of people think it's silly to talk to dogs, however, they aren't taking into account that your voice can be calming and soothing in times of stress. So, telling your dog that "It's ok, that noise is just from a truck." and acting like it's no big deal will go a long way towards your dog feeling safe in their new environment.

    Doodle went through a similar adjustment period. She is still suspicious of plastic bags blowing in the wind, but I can tell that she's trying to figure out how something that isn't alive is moving.... She's making an effort to understand!! She's the coolest dog I've ever shared my life with!! ❤ her!

  • @dillinger Logan is scared anytime I have a tool in my hand. Still freaks him out. When I enter a room or area with one, I usually place it on the floor in front of me, let him investigate and then he's fine. Every dog has a quirk.

    You and Dill are doing great. Keep working with him. Especially getting him comfortable around other dogs. That's the key issue to overcome. The rest are not that bad.

  • Thanks for the comments and support, everyone! Much appreciated!

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