• Hi guys, I’m new to here
    My wife and I are looking for a Basenji puppy in near us, but we’re willing to drive quite a distance (to southern Ontario or Quebec). Does anyone know of any breeders who have current or upcoming litters?
    I’ve been scanning all over the internet to find local breeders and I’m sure I’ve missed some. Can’t wait til I can join the other parts of this forum with pictures of my own.

  • There is a world out there. We lived in Hawaii and got our Basenji from N.Z. Cost total was $2,000. Most of it was air fare.


  • @morsesa That sounds awesome! Would you recommend the same breeder to me? If so what is their contact?

  • @willfrog - This a response from someone that purchased a pup many, many years ago, you will not find one with this price now. Air Fare alone would be over 2000k at the very least and add on the puppy price of about 2000.00 USD.

  • Check the Basenji Club of Canada website and breeder directory. http://www.basenjiclubofcanada.com/bcoc-breedersdirectory-html
    There really isn't any BCOC direct contact information available except an email address for the person in charge of rescue. You should go to their Facebook page and check their more up to the minute information. You might look into traveling to a dog show to meet breeders with their dogs and to help develop relationships for future puppies.

  • @willfrog @MorseSA makes a good point. You have to spend some time really looking. Contact your local Kennel Club(s), Veterinarians, etc. Don't rely on the internet alone. Start close by and gradually increase your circle. Be careful and don't jump at the first pup you find. There are people who will lead you on, tell you to send a deposit, and the pup and money will vanish. Just be careful and keep your wits about you.

    I know there is a link to an article on what kind of warning signs you should look out for... I think this is it.

  • @willfrog DON’t buy a dog online. In other words don’t pay a deposit until you’ve met the breeder and know that they are the real deal. At the very least get references and speak to the references. But, it’s better if you were to visit the breeder, see the kennel, meet the dogs, and see how the puppies are going to be raised. You likely won’t be able to see the puppy because it may not be born yet, but this is a dog that you may have for the next 14 to 15 years or more. It’s a big commitment. Do your due diligence. I can’t wait for you to get one if it’s right for you!

  • @willfrog
    We are Quebec , looking to re-home our basenji he's a year old . Maybe you might be the perfect fit for him .

  • @basenjilover-0 Please be "up front" about your concept of re-homing your Basenji. How much are you asking for? How long have you had this dog? Can we see photos of the dog? Is the dog a purebred? There is so much a potential "new" owner should know about... Just saying you have a Basenji is not enough.

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